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Top 5 Places with a view in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo definitely needs to be discovered on many levels. Below the ground, the “Catacombe dei Cappuccini” offer visitors an exciting insight, into the ground the people and hustle and bustle of the market and harbour, as well as from on top of buildings and structures. When in the City, I highly recommend the following 5 Places with a view in Palermo. Some are free of charge, for some, you will have to pay an admission fee for a meal/drink. On this page, anyone will find at least one exciting place with a view to visit in stunning Palermo. Let me know your favourite view in Palermo in the comments below, or on Social!

my top 5 favourite Places with a view in Palermo, Sicily

  1. Rinascente shopping house
    Rinascente is a national department store, with branches in many Italian cities. The one in Palermo is especially recommendable, as the open-air area of their food court offers stunning views. Plus, you do not need to be a guest to enjoy the view, just use an escalator up to the top floor for the views. Maybe you want to indulge in something refreshing or energizing afterwards anyway 😉
  2. Top of Cathedral
    The Palermo Cathedral is one of the most iconic, as it changed its religious belonging multiple times. For the last time, it changed from a mosque to a Christian cathedral in 1185. Those mixes of belonging are discoverable inside the cathedral and its architecture. For a few euros, visitors can climb on top of the cathedral, for inner-city views.
  3. Beach-side Restaurant
    Not a high view, but a stunning view. Nestled along the coastline visitors can find quite some beach-side Restaurants. Always having visited Palermo in the winter months, I don’t have a personal recommendation, but Google recommends the seafood restaurant “La Mattanza”, the Bar “Tuttibrilli Ammare” or “Ristorante Castello a Mare”.
  4. Hotel Plaza Opéra Rooftop Bar
    A Rooftop in the heart of the city, near the harbour. At this rooftop Lounge, hotel guests enjoy their daily breakfast and everyone else in the evenings. Drinks, a nice meal, and one of Palermo’s most stunning hotel views, at Restaurant Osservatorio. According to their website, the rooftop faces “Monte Pellegrino and Utveggio Castle on one side, and the tips of the mountains circling the Golden Basin on the other, it overlooks the city rooftops and Teatro Politeama Garibaldi with its iconic chariot”. Definitely a recommendation!
  5. Torre di San Nicolò di Bari
    This historic tower lets you enjoy stunning views of Palermo, including a birds-eye perspective on the famous Mercato del Capo. You will have to pay an entry fee to climb the tower yourself. Definitely one of my personal favourite places with a view of Palermo!

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