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Italian Breakfast at Ditta Artigianale Firenze in Florence

A popular restaurant cafe for breakfast in Florence is Ditta Artigianale Firenze just south of the river Arno. Located on Via dello Sprone, the cafe is on a small side street just a short walk from the world famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. On Google Maps, Ditta Artigianale here has a rating of 4.3 stars with more than 1,500 review submissions. Definitely respectable for a café, but Ditta Artigianale is no ordinary café. They also roast their own coffee beans. Freshly roasted and brewed daily in the heart of Florence. Definitely not comparable to the Starbucks Roastery in Milan. Thus, Ditta Artigianale gave itself a following of more than 22 thousand people on Instagram alone. If a Café Restaurant is this famous, then Italian breakfast in Florence can be nothing but delicious?

My Italian breakfast in Florence at Ditta Artigianale

What better way to celebrate breakfast in Italy than the way the locals like to do it? With a cappuccino and a sweet pastry, of course. I went for a cornetto or cornetti, a croissant filled with vanilla crema pasticcera. If you’ve never tried such a croissant, do, it’s simply mesmerizingly delicious! Accompanied by a fresh cappuccino with yummy silky milk and milk foam, and a coffee of more than excellent quality. This Italian breakfast in Florence at Ditta Artigianale is a must when visiting the Renaissance city on the Arno in Tuscany. But be aware, due to the popularity of the place I had to wait quite a bit on my order. But it was worth it, as I got to enjoy my late breakfast while people watching. In one of the smaller, more residential than touristy, streets of Florence. Everything felt good. If you are interested in sending home some greetings, you might be interested in my blogpost guide about postcard prices in Italy.

Cornetti alla crema pasticcera Ditta Artigianale Firenze Florence blogger joydellavita

Breakfast and brunch at Ditta Artigianale in Florence

In addition to a classic Italian breakfast, with cappuccino and filled croissant, you can enjoy much more to start the day. Breakfast, or brunch, is offered at daily from 9 am to 3 pm. Not for the early risers! But all the more for gourmets and the ones who take pride and enjoyment in enjoying, even celebrating, their first meal of the day.

The brunch menu includes American pancakes, French toast, Reuben pastrami sandwich, avocado toast, salmon bagel and croque monsieur. Even the drinks are not “classically Italian”, such as lavender latte, passion fruit espresso tonic, flat white, iced latte or classics like mocha or filter coffee.

The complete menu is available directly from the website of the café slash roastery slash restaurant slash relaxing place for people watching, at the following link:

snacks bagels Ditta Artigianale Firenze Florence blogger joydellavita
daytime snacks at Ditta Artigianale Firenze

cornetti Italian Breakfast Ditta Artigianale Firenze Florence blogger joydellavita

Addresses of Ditta Artigianale in Firenze

Ditta Artigianale can be found in three locations in Florence:

Via de Neri 32R – Firenze, IT – since 2014
Via dello Sprone 5R – Firenze, IT – since 2016
Via dei Carducci 2R – Firenze, IT – since 2021

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Via dello Sprone 5R Firenze

sandwiches Italian Breakfast Ditta Artigianale Firenze Florence blogger joydellavita

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