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Fried Pizza in Naples / Restaurant 1947 Pizza Fritta

by european travelblogger Lisa


Why you should enjoy Fried Pizza in Naples, Italy. It belongs to Naples like Hamburg to the water, the Pizza. Pizza Neapolitana is famous all over the world, but in local Naples there is another speciality: Pizza Fritta, or deep-fried pizza. Deep-fried slices of dough filled with ricotta, tomato sauce, provolone cheese and bacon. Italian street food straight from Naples, and of course it tastes best in the Campanian capital. After the pizza fritta from La Masardona, I had another pizza fritta from 1947 Pizza Fritta Naples, and was able to watch the entire preparation process. Every step, the frying and how to eat it. Before you can enjoy the pictures, below there is also a short video about the preparation of Fried Pizza in Naples, at the 1947 Pizza Fritta snack bar.

Fried Pizza in Naples at 1947 Pizza Fritta

Not far from the world-famous pizzeria “L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele”, 1947 Pizza Fritta Naples is located across the street. From the train station as well as from the harbour, the snack bar can be reached in a short walk through the centre of Naples. Naples has a penchant for deep-frying, so it’s not uncommon to find small restaurants that only serve dishes baked in fat. This is also the case with 1947 Pizza Fritta in Naples. Besides aranchini, there are fried vegetables, fish and other snacks. At the end, there is a photo of the menu with prices. But to try the classic par excellence, again, I naturally chose a Pizza Fritta when in Naples. It’s a similar pretty remembrance to a great holiday, enjoying delicious food, as it is to send a postcard from Italy.

Fried Pizza in Naples at Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli

Fried Pizza in Naples by Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli

Preparation of Fried Pizza

A vegetarian pizza fritta with only tomato sauce, ricotta, provolone and herbs. So simple, and so delicious. To make a pizza fritta, you take pizza dough and shape and pull it into a round slice. This is first topped with a blob of tomato sauce, then ricotta, chopped provolone cheese on top and finally spices and a basil leaf. The whole thing is covered by another disc of dough and sealed all around by beating it vigorously with your hand.

A real technique, and all pure handwork, and passion.

Before the dough, which is still quite small, is put into the hot fryer, it is stretched and then gently placed into the fat. Wait a little, turn it over, wait a little more and before the pizza fritta is too brown, it is taken out of the fat again. During the baking process, a ball of air formed in the dough, which was then squeezed out directly at my table. Once cut in the middle, this hot street food is ready to enjoy. Crispy dough, which is delicious on its own, plus a warm filling of tomato sauce, creamy ricotta, spicy provolone, seasoned with pepper. A dream of a dish!

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Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

my Review: how I enjoyed my snack at 1947 Pizza Fritta Naples

Pizza Fritta is visually so different from a classic Pizza Neapolitana, but no less delicious for that. And for 5€ for a large Fried Pizza in Naples, absolutely delicious and recommendable. At 1947 Pizza Fritta Naples there are seats and the staff were always super friendly, I definitely have to go here again! As the dish is quite hearty, its recommended to only enjoy a small Italian breakfast beforehand.

1947 Pizza Fritta Naples
Address: Via Pietro Colletta 16, 80139 Naples, Italy
Website1947-pizzafritta.business.site / Social@1947_pizza_fritta
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 11 am – 11 pm, closed on Sundays

Video: how a fried Pizza in Naples is prepared by Restaurant 1947 Pizza Fritta

If the Video is not displayed here, check it out directly on YouTube: https://youtu.be/znTXjHeU8Ps

Pictures of the best deep fried pizza in Naples, at 1947 Pizza Fritta Naples

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita
Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Prices for Fried Pizza in Naples

Prices for Fried Pizza in Naples

Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita

Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli in Naples

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