Exploring Bergamo with the Bergamo Card
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Exploring Bergamo with the Bergamo Card

Exploring Bergamo with the Bergamo Card is the easiest way to discover the Lombardi City in northern Italy. May it either be Trip for just 1 Day or longer, the Bergamo Card is available for either 24h or 48h. Within this time, after the first usage, you are absolutely free to explore Bergamo the way you want. I was so happy to be able to travel by any Bus in the City, without having to even think about possible prices. Visiting many of the Museums in Bergamo was just another advantage that makes buying the Bergamo Card absolutely worth it.

Where you can use the Bergamo Card in Bergamo

With the Bergamo Card, you can travel unlimited with the ATB Airport Bus, city buses, trams, and funicular railways, you have absolutely free entry to the leading museums in the city and the province, receive further reduced fees for exhibitions and events, and as a plus, you can enjoy discounts in all affiliated shops, bars and restaurants in Bergamo. The Bergamo Card, each the 24h Bergamo Card and the 48h Bergamo Card are valid for one adult and 1 Child up to the age of 11 years.

The Price for the 24h Card is 10€, for the 48h Card 15€. It’s valid starting from the first time of usage (either at a POI or in a Bus). For an always-updated list of the participating Museums, Restaurants and more, check out the English Website.

Where to buy the Bergamo Card

You can buy the Bergamo Card either online in advance, or directly in Bergamo. The distributors are the Museum Ticket Offices (among them the GAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, the Donizetti Museum or the Civic Tower Campanone), the ATB Ticket Offices at the Bus Station as well as at the upper City (Citta Alta) Funicular Station or the Tobacconists and Shops in Bergamo. The Hotels and B&B sell the Bergamo Card to their Guests as well.

Visiting Museums for free with the Bergamo Card
Visiting Museums for free with the Bergamo Card
Driving the Bus for free with the Bergamo Card
Driving the Bus for free with the Bergamo Card



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