How I plan to travel in 2022 as a Travel Blogger

travel in 2022 as a Travel Blogger joydellavita

Wow, what a Year 2021 has been. But, will 2022 actually be better? Everyone can participate in factually making it better by adjusting their own actions from me to we. Less self-centred, more centred around the local community, humanity and nature ecosystems. Well, someone can still hope, right? So, how will my Travels in the Year 2022 look like? Where do I want to travel to, and what will change.

Where to travel in 2022

My travels in 2022 will be limited to Europe, based on the current standpoint regarding the still spreading Coronavirus. As I am home-based in the centre of Europe, in southern Germany, I’m fortunate enough to travel anywhere by train within a day. In 6 hours I can’t even reach the capital city of Germany, Berlin, but I can reach Milano, Vienna, and almost Paris. Europe is an oyster, which should be enjoyed.

Nevertheless, Corona won’t disappear  magically soon. Most countries with a rather winterish climate will, foreseeable, still have to fight with (massive) new infections until late spring. Again. Therefore my “big” travels in 2022 will presumably not start before early summer or even later. Better safe than sorry! Content-wise for this Blog, I still have so many unpublished articles and Videos, you definitely won’t get bored!

However, I already have a few shorter trips lined up for this year, such as Hamburg in early February which I eagerly look forward to. Such a beautiful city I have been fortunate enough to visit multiple times in the summer of 2020! Returning to the hanseatic city will definitely almost make me feel like a local, maybe though.

Travel List for this year

On my loosely gathered To Travel List for 2022 is Italy, probably with Florence, Rome and maybe even Naples and Capri. Indulging in Cacio e Pepe Pasta, freshly baked Focaccia, Truffle on everything, and maybe even boarding the Rome to Sicily Night Train. Oh, and don’t forget artisan Italian Gelato! This definitely will be a Highlight of my Travel in 2022, as a Travel Blogger! But, this again depends on regulations, infection rates and how travel will be possible in 2022.

Whilst listening to the Finding Van Gogh Podcast, which I have already recommended to you in late November of last year, I got hooked again on the beautiful South of France. Now I’m eager to travel closer on the paths of Vincent VanGogh, whilst enjoying overpriced Macarons and Croissants by local bakeries. Of course, a day visit to Monaco will be mandatory… and why not take a TGV to Paris, still on the footpath of Vincent, and touring the place where he has spent his final months on earth. And back with the direct Paris to Munich Train.

Something else on my Travel List for 2022?

What most people will agree on, especially the early to mid-months of 2020 has taught them the value of their home. Or the place where they feel at home at, may it be a place or a person. Regarding the area I live in, on my list is definitely visiting some typical touristy places I haven’t visited before (because, duh, I’m a local). Neuschwanstein Castle is literally less than 100 km from where I call home, or finally ascending on Mountain Säntis in Switzerland or eventually exploring the Swabian Alb area near Ulm.
Isn’t it a shame most people always seek the road much travelled far away, instead of discovering the area they actually live in? I will definitely report to you with a lot of excursion tips for the beautiful southern Germany area. Stay tuned!


But now to you, what are your travel plans for 2022? Have you booked something already, or are you still hesitant and book something super last minute? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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