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My Travel Year 2020 in Review

My Travel Year 2020 has been… different, to say at least. I bet yours, too!? Actually, I have started the first draft of this article back in September 2020, with a “things won’t change anyway” in the back of my head. And, almost true! Even though I haven’t been travelling as usual in 2020 as a Travelblogger, in total I have spent almost 4 months away from home. Some few but longer stints have definitely contributed to this long duration. So, actually, I have possibly been travelling as usual, when counting individual days, compared to previous years. However, man, what a year it has been! And what years are ahead of us… it’s definitely obvious now, life won’t be as cushy as it was prior to 2020. Have you already found out your top nine Instagram posts of 2020?

Once we have survived the Coronavirus Pandemic, not only other possible viruses may transfer from wild animals to humans and infect humanity again, climate change still isn’t on hold either. We have some wild years ahead of us. So, I have been thinking recently.. is travelling still a sustainable thing to do? Fast-paced travel has taken the Coronavirus around the world in a matter of days to weeks until one country after the other detected first cases. With less international transfers, this all could have happened differently. So, how do globalization and its downsides affect travelling in the future? Travel will definitely change. It has to change. It will definitely be less, but also to different places. Less popular and less frequented areas, thus, less other humans. You can read more about my travel schedules of the past years in these articles: 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

All my travels in the year 2020 – before and during the Corona pandemic – in Review

January: day trip to Stuttgart

February: all squeezed in a bit more than 1 week – Skopje, Agadir, Basel and London for the Ford Mustang-E Event

March: nothing

April: nothing

May: work-related travel to Dresden and several cities in North-Rhine-Westphalia (Ochtrup, Münster)

June & July: work-related travel to Lower Saxony, here I have visited Bremen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg (muuultiple times), Hanover, Soltau, Munster and Wolfsburg

August: day trip to Mountain Pfänder in Bregenz, Austria

September: several day trips to Cities around Lake Constance – Meersburg, Hohenems, Flower Island Mainau, followed by a quick 2-night trip to Milan by Train

October: work-related travel to Dresden and Montabaur

November: nothing

December: nothing

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