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How to learn the Italian language online for free (easy audio lessons)

Learning a new language is difficult, you think? Well, it depends. When I remember my language lessons in school, then yes, it was kind of complicated. First, you learn all the vocabulary, then a few first sentences, then the grammar and after all this the writing-part came along. Most likely, the teachers all over the world are all the same somehow. But fortunately, we are in the 21st century, and there are now language courses online and absolutely free, and fits in your jeans pocket. Did you know that there are free language courses on Spotify ?! Exactly, you read that correctly. With the same app, you probably use every day to listen to the latest hits, or your favourite 90’s playlist, you can also use it to learn languages.

How to learn italian online

Just in time for my current trip to South Tyrol / Italy, I wanted to learn some Italian. Especially to have a few words and sentences ready to communicate. Just for when the other person does NOT speak English. Ask, from which track the train leaves, or just that I would like to have a table by the window in the restaurant and so on. Not that one speaks and understands no English in Italy, but some basics do not hurt to know.

For the free Italian language course “Coffee Break Italian” on Spotify you do not even need a paid account, a regular free account is already sufficient. The idea behind the “Coffee breaks language course” is that the lessons are merely as long as a break. Sometimes the free language courses are just 17 minutes long, sometimes 22, always something around 20 minutes — ideal for a real lunch break, or ideally for the afternoon or evening.

To intensify the learning a bit, I recommend to write down the just learned vocabulary during the lessons. Of course, anyone can do those audio language courses the way they want, but I learn vocabulary much better with handwritten writing than just listening, reading or talking.
The good thing about the Coffee Break Italian course is that you do not have to complete every lesson. A topic names each session, and you can only listen to the episodes which interest you the most. Although the courses partly build on each other, but not so hard that you absolutely can not come along if you skip one or a few.

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