How to order Coffee with ice cream in Italy – Caffé con pallina di gelato

It’s a hot afternoon, you’re getting tired, and you want both something sweet and energizing. The perfect combination is coffee and ice cream. Instead of ordering both separate, you can simply request Caffé con pallina di gelato, also known as Affogatto. In a larger than “espresso-sized” cup you’re getting a coffee, or Caffé, with a scoop of ice-cream. Usually it’s vanilla ice-cream, but eventually, you can request another flavour, such as Tiramisu, Nocciola (nut), or something else. The “drowned ice cream” is a very popular dessert, as it’s sweet and provides you with extra caffeine. The only variation in Caffé con pallina di gelato is if the coffee is served hot or cold. It totally depends on where you order it, maybe they will even ask what you prefer. In a hot coffee, the gelato will melt faster than in colder, but you might already know, cold espresso (that was previously hot, no cold brew) isn’t the tastiest form of consuming coffee.

Recipe: Caffé con pallina di gelato – coffee with ice cream

You’re not in Italy, or you simply want to enjoy a homemade Caffé con pallina di gelato? No problem, here a quick recipe.


  • Espresso or long Black Coffee (“Americano”) // for children you can use chocolate milk
  • ice cream of choice (vanilla, chocolate, nuts, Tiramisu,…)
  • optional: a splash of liquor (Baileys, cream whiskey, limoncello or creamy limoncello)

First off, prepare the coffee. For serving the coffee should be at room temperature or even colder.

For measurement, it’s recommended to use 1 scoop of gelato for an Espresso, or multiple scoops for a larger coffee.

As soon as the coffee, or chocolate, is cold, take your coffee cups or glass teacups, fill them with the ice cream, add the coffee or chocolate and voilá, your Caffé con pallina di gelato is ready to be served. For an adult-only version, you can add an additional splash of liquor, such as Baileys or any other creamy booze.
Serve and enjoy immediately.

Caffé con pallina di gelato ricetta Coffee Affogato Ice Cream recipe
Caffé con pallina di gelato – Coffee Affogato with vanilla Ice Cream

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