Where to park your car near Padua City Centre / Parcheggio Padova Centro

Where to park your car padua padova parcheggio centro

Parking in city centres can sometimes be so stressful, especially if parking spaces are literally not visible from afar and you only spot them once you passed them. Before visiting Padua in northern Italy, I’ve researched parking in Padua and found a nice spot, close enough to the city centre but far enough for easy access. Right by the Bacchiglione river, just one bridge crossing off Padua City Centre, you find the open-air parking space “PARK PIAZZALE BOSCHETTI”. It’s suitable for both cars and buses and is open 24 h a day, 7 days a week. And, you can even charge your electric vehicle there! To access the public parking, add Via Trieste / Via Vecchio Gasometro in 35131 Padova to your navigation system. Prices are just 1,70€ per hour from 7 am till 8 pm, and only 5,00€ from 8 am till 7 am overnight. Payment for the ticket is available at a regular cash machine on site, with cash or card. From Parking Piazzale Boschetti it’s only 550 m by foot to Arena Romana di Padova, or 2 km to Prato della Valle. If you’re looking for other areas to park your car during a visit to Padua, check out the local companies website www.parcheggipadova.it.

Parking Piazzale Boschetti Padua Padova
Parking Piazzale Boschetti Padua Padova


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