lavera Naturkosmetik is now climate-neutral and is protecting 5,023 ha of rain forest in the Amazon region

Laverana sustainable beauty brand climate neutral

The world is in a state of climate stress, and the forest area of our earth is visibly shrinking. Since 1990, the area has receded by over 80 million hectares*. Therefore the lavera natural cosmetics brand is continuing to expand its social and ecological commitment. As a gift to nature, lavera and natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana are now balancing out a total of 25,000 t of CO2 emissions, which were incurred for climate-neutral product manufacturing.

On November 23, 1987 – precisely 33 years ago – the lavera natural cosmetics brand was founded by Thomas Haase. The company founder was firmly convinced from the beginning that nature is the only true source of beauty care. His pledge: Nature is not something people should only be able to feel but also experience in the future. Already back then, the corporate orientation was “Care from nature with innovative and natural solutions, available and affordable to everyone. Manufactured by a sustainable, ecologically-driven company”. From the beginning, all ingredients of the natural cosmetic brand have been of a purely natural origin – carefully selected and preferably from controlled organic cultivation. The proprietary composition of active ingredients, along with manufacturing processes and all company processes are dedicated to the goal, as a brand and a company, of continuously reducing the CO2 footprint and thus becoming climate-neutral.

2020 in total, 25,000t for the business year of 2019 are being compensated by development and climate protection projects. One of these initiatives is the forest protection project in Peru, which at the same time promotes sustainable Brazil nut cultivation. More information on this unique nature reserve is available at the following link: fpm.climatepartner.com/tracking/12310-1610-1001/en
More on the brand can be found at lavera.com/en/

*German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Forest and Climate Change 2020

Featured Image Source: obs/Laverana GmbH


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