When is market day in Padua ? / Prato della Valle weekly market in Padova


Prato della Valle market day padua mercato padova

When does the Market at Prato della Valle in Padua take place? Market days are something truly unique in Italy. While you might have already heard about local farmers markets taking place in so many smaller and bigger cities, those usually consist of real farmers selling their own fresh and homegrown produce. A great way to but (usually ecological) produce. However, in Italy, the markets are literally a home goods store without a roof. Markets in Italy sell everything from Shoes to clothes, underwear, kids toys, make-up and beauty products, kitchen utensils and so much more. Of course, you are usually also able to buy Incidentally, the weekly markets around Lake Maggiore are very famous in northern Italy.

Located on parts of the largest square in Italy, the weekly market at Prato della Valle takes place each Saturday. Starting at 8 am the “non-food products market & plants and flowers market” is open until 7 pm in the winter season, and until 8 pm in the summer months. However, there is also a fruit and vegetable market. This one takes place from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm in the northern area of Prato della Valle (opposite of Palazzo Angeli) and each Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm in the south-east area of the huge Prato della Valle. So, except for Sundays, it is always a market day in Padova.

However, the almost daily market at Prato della Valle is not the only market in Padova. Check out the cities website for an overview of all the markets (including antique markets & Festive markets) and opening hours here.

Piazza Prato della Valle market in overview

  • 140 stands for non-food sales, in particular, 11 stands are reserved for the sale of footwear
  • 27 parking spaces reserved for the sale of plants and flowers and wicker items
  • 24 parking lots selling fruits and vegetables (moved from Piazza delle Erbe)

Pictures of my Shopping at Prato della Valle on a Saturday in Padua / Padova

market italy shopping prato della valle padua padova
shopping at Prato della Valle Market Padua Padova

Prato della Valle market day padua mercato padova_

Prato della Valle, Padua / Padova
Prato della Valle, Padua / Padova


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