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2016 has been a great Year, Travel-wise. In 2016 I travelled further and more than ever before, which motivated me to travel even more in 2017. Before we will clink our champagne glasses and wish each other a happy new Year 2017, here my Travel Year 2016 in Rewind, and some numbers. Before you are getting fully occupied by New Year Eve preparations I want to say thank you to all of you, for all your comments and messages and I wish every one of you a happy and healthy new Year 2017, with many experiences and positive emotions!

Countries I’ve visited in 2016

Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Cities I’ve visited in 2016

JanuaryMemmingen, Malaga, Zurich, Milano, Bergamo, Venice

February – Berchtesgaden, Geneva

MarchZurich, Alicante, Berlin
April – Berlin, Usedom, Potsdam, Nice/Monaco, Amsterdam, Frankfurt
MayMunich, Adelaide, Munich, Liechtenstein, Cernobbio/Lake Como, Genova/Boccadasse, Voghera, Madrid
June – Ingolstadt, Nürburg(ring), Vienna, Bratislava, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Milano, Antalya

July – Berlin, Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Berlin

AugustTrier, London

September – Barcelona, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Offenburg, Hanover, Kaufbeuren, Majorca

OctoberFrankfurt, Poznan, Munich, Rheinsberg

NovemberBarcelona, Frankfurt, Alta/Honningsvag/North Cape, St. Gallen, Cologne, Montaione

December – none!

Number of Aeroplanes I took / Flights I had

All over the Year, I went on 97 flights (and many Trains/(long distance) Busses). Most with Lufthansa, some with Iberia or Germanwings/Eurowings or RyanAir or Germania or SAS or Air Berlin or People’s Viennaline or Qatar Airways or Norwegian.

My personal favourite Articles of 2016

Super Lunch at Jamie’s Italian at Westfield London – this has been my only full Day in London during this Trip, and as I was wearing brand new Shoes the evening before for Theatre both my feet were covered in endless blisters, making it absolutely impossible to walk more than 100 meters at a time. Therefore, I spent the whole day at Westfield Shopping Centre, what else to do in London, right? The Staff was so incredibly friendly and sweet, it was actually a super hot Day but the wind was pleasantly blowing by my Table in the shadow and also the Food was just super amazing (the Truffle Tagliatelle, aah!). This Lunch has just been perfect.

Catching the sunset with a Peugeot 3008 GT-Line – this has been my last Trip in 2016. In Italy, a Country I absolutely adore, with a fancy Car and in Tuscany during sunset. Good Music jamming on Italian radio, empty roads, endless mountains and hills and have I mentioned the beautiful sunset yet?

Published Articles on

In 2016 I published 163 Articles. Since starting this Blog in May 2015 this is now the 301st Article – and many many more to come! Did you know you can check out all the Articles on a Map?

5 Most-read Articles in 2016 (Jan 1 – Dec 30) by you

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  4. Review: PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M
  5. Where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets

Most popular Instagram Photos of 2016

Thanks to the Instagram Application ‘2016 Best Nine’ I was able to automatically generate the most liked Photos of my Instagram Account @JoyDellaVita_Travelblog. I wrote about them in this Article, where I also explain how YOU can find yours out.

Travel Blogger Australia Beach Adelaide JoyDellaVita
walking at the Beach in Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, Australia



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  1. […] Once we have survived the Coronavirus Pandemic, not only other possible viruses may transfer from wild animals to humans and infect humanity again, climate change still isn’t on hold either. We have some wild years ahead of us. So, I have been thinking recently.. is travelling still a sustainable thing to do? Fast-paced travel has taken the Coronavirus around the world in a matter of days to weeks until one country after the other detected first cases. With less international transfers, this all could have happened differently. So, how do globalization and its downsides affect travelling in the future? Travel will definitely change. It has to change. It will definitely be less, but also to different places. Less popular and less frequented areas, thus, less other humans. You can read more about my travel schedules of the past years in these articles: 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. […]

  2. […] For a second time in a row, what a year it has been. The Coronavirus still simultaneously holds our world at pace, whilst turning and spinning personal worlds around. I dearly hope you haven’t been too affected by the Virus personally, may it be with an infection or even the loss of a loved one! Even if it sometimes shakes our lives too hard, it is important to focus on the good that’s yet to come. Therefore, my travel schedule has been on another hold this year. Hopefully more (distant) travel will be safely possible soon. However, until then it’s also great to explore your local area. For comparison, you can read more about my travel schedules of the past years in these articles: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. […]




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