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Where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets

For a visit to Duomo di Milano in Milan, you need to plan some extra time in. Time to queue to buy your Ticket, time to queue to go up, enough time to enjoy the 5th-largest church in the world and time to visit Museo del Duomo di Milano. With some easy yet simple Tricks, you can save Time and even Money in Advance on your visit to Duomo di Milano. Thanks to some Luck, I figured it out, with a little research before my visit to Milan. Read here now where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets, and find out about the different types of available Tickets and how to save as much time as possible, to enjoy your holiday in Milan at the fullest.

Different Types of Tickets for Duomo di Milano, Milan Cathedral

There are several Types of Duomo di Milano Tickets that can be purchased to visit Milan’s Cathedral. Besides the regular Tickets, Audioguides can be borrowed for a visit, read more about them here in English.

Duomo Pass A – Terraces by lift, Duomo, Museum, Church of St.Gottardo in Corte and Archaeological Area – 15 € / reduced 8 €

Duomo Pass B – Terraces on foot, Duomo, Museum, Church of St.Gottardo in Corte and Archaeological Area – 11 € / reduced 6 €

Duomo Pass C – Church of St.Gottardo in Corte – 2 €

for an extra of 1€ for the Passes A-C, it’s possible to visit the Gallery of Contemporary Religious Art hosted in the eighteenth-century Villa Clerici

Individual Prices:

  • Duomo, Museum, Church of St.Gottardo in Corte and Archaeological Area – 6 € / reduced 3€
  • Terraces with elevator – 13 € / reduced 7 €
  • Terraces on Foot – 8 € / reduced 4 €
  • Archaeological Area – 4 € / reduced 2 € (under 26 years, Schools) / reduced 1 € (religious groups)

Free admission

  • to all the above for children up to 6 years old; disabled with helper; members of the military, after the presentation of a valid military identification card.
  • S.Maria Annunciata In Camposanto
  • S. Stefano Baptistery

The reduced Tickets should always be requested at the ticket offices for validation (ID, letterhead from school or religious organisation, related certification for handicapped)

Prices as of January 2016

Where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets

Now that you know what different Types of Duomo di Milano Tickets are offered, it’s about where to buy them. You can either do it in Milan, at five different selling points or online. If you are visiting with Kids younger than 6 Years, or are authorised for a discount, you should buy these at any of the 5 Duomo di Milano Ticket Offices. Otherwise, you can buy them online in advance here like regular concert tickets and print them out. With Tickets you can skip all the endless queues, enjoy!

When I went to visit Duomo di Milano, the Queue wasn’t that big, but after I waited for more than 20 Minutes and there was still no end in sight, I switched from selling Point 2 to Point Number 5. This Duomo di Milano Tickets selling point is located in Palazzo Reale, where you can find Museo del Duomo di Milano. There were just five people (unbelievable after I waited behind dozens of people for almost half an hour!) and within less than 10 Minutes I had my Ticket! Either if you want to visit the Museo, which is an Archive of all the Statues and Exhibited Items, or not, the less frequented selling points are highly recommendable. Or, of course, go there as one of the very first in the Morning.

Opening times

– Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm, last pick up 5 pm
– Saturday 9 am to 3:30 pm, last pick up 2:30 pm
– Sunday 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Last pick up 2:30 pm

Duomo di Milano / Milan Cathedral
Duomo di Milano / Milan Cathedral
Duomo di Milano Tickets Offices
Duomo di Milano Tickets Offices

Duomo di Milano Tickets / Milan Cathedral Tickets

! Additional Information

In the meantime, there are now only four selling points for Duomo di Milano Tickets. You can find them on the Picture below.

Milan Cathedral / Duomo di Milano Ticket Selling Points
Milan Cathedral / Duomo di Milano Ticket Selling Points [click to enlarge]



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  7. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  8. Amazing tip!!! Thank you so much!

  9. hi,
    if i buy the tour at off site = https://www.duomomilano.it/en/ . does it mean i can just enter to the cathedral ans skip the line at ticket counter? no need to exchange to ticket counter, is that so?

  10. I was in the process of booking the duomo tickets, but I noticed that they are adding an extra charge of Euro 9.99 for delivery charges. I was wondering why they are charging that amount when it is possible to receive them by email or printing them out. Are you aware of this?

    • Hi Anjali
      Wow, this seems ridiculously high, I’ve never heard of a delivery charge this high… on what website did you try to book the tickets?

  11. Hungrymeathappy


    Thanks for the advice! If I buy a ticket online, but need to pick it up at the „venue box office“ would that take the same amount of time that buying the tickets in person would take? I am arriving in Milan the first week of August 2017. Also, is the museum closed on Mondays?

    Thank you so much!


  12. Hello Bianca, we would like to visit the Duomo Cathedral and the Terrace but we are not sure whether we need to pay for the entrance fee for visiting the Cathedral? We will visit Milan in July. Thank you.

    • Hi Angela
      To visit the Duomo cathedral you have to pay/buy a ticket. As you want to visit the Terrace and the cathedral underneath I can recommend buying either Duomo Pass A (lift upstairs to the Terrace) or Duomo Pass B (walking up by foot) – I’d take A 😉
      You can find all the prices above, for the passes and the individual prices.

      Enjoy your visit to Milan!

  13. Hi Hi

    Wonderful tips and useful link to buy Milan Duomo tickets. The problem is I don’t know which category to choose. There’s no Duomo Pass A B or C to choose from!! Only categories 1-6
    I want to buy Pass A which I believe is category 1 which says not available. Category 2 I believe is by foot but I want to go up by the lift. Or shall I just get the tickets when I am there in September morning? Really appreciate your thoughts on this!

    • Hi Joan

      Thank you very much! I understand your confusion as it seems that they changed their homepage a bit.. On this site https://www.duomomilano.it/en/buy-tickets/ you can, still, find the available Passes – Pass A in combination with the Lift.
      If you want to buy the Tickets the same day of your visit you can plan a bit better if the weather is good or not (visiting the Top of Duomo during Rain is even a bit dangerous as the stairs can get slippery), and if you visit a less frequent selling point (like the Museo one) you won’t have to wait too long.

      Hope I could help and I wish you a nice time in beautiful Milan!

  14. Lorette - White Charm

    Great tricks!

    • Can I buy the ticket the night before are there tickets available that day or is it pre-booked like the Last Supper where I have a small window to purchase tickets and then it’s over.
      I want to make sure this is something we do on our trip I’m just not sure what would be the best day but if I could from my hotel room the night before purchase my tickets then I’ve already have them and I don’t need to book the months in advance in case something comes up or we don’t feel like going

  15. Great post!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  16. Now that I know where to buy my tickets, the next step is to book a flight to get there! Great tips 🙂


  17. Thank you for sharing!

    Made in Mauve ☆ Bloglovin

  18. Thank you for the Tip to purchase the Tickets online! Where do I have to go with them?

    I’m visiting Milan in April 🙂

    • Hi Bianca! If you for example purchased a Ticket to go up the Duomo, to the Terraces, you can immediately go to the entrance. If you stand in front of the Duomo, the entrance for the elevator is on the right on the other side of the Duomo, and the entrance for the Stairs on the Left side. But there should be signs as well. Enjoy your time in Milan! 😉

  19. Oh this is true! It took us so long to find the right queue and get our tickets 😀 It was the same for the busses for me, I feel like the whole ticket sale system is really complicated in Milan 😀
    Céline blogging on Smultronställen

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