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Review: PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M

by european travelblogger Lisa


Finally another Travel Gear Post here on JoyDellaVita! This Time, I’m introducing to you my Travel Partner for longer Trips, a PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M. Larger than carry-on type ‘S’ Suitcases, this one is more spacious and has to be dropped off at Airports. As it’s a medium-sized Suitcase, it’s still easy to carry and move around. As the Suitcases at PRIMARK are cheap, I first hesitated but gave it a chance. Suitcases and Travel Equipment can be found at every larger PRIMARK Store in Europe, if you can’t find them, just ask the staff as they sometimes have just a few hidden somewhere.

My Review of this PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M is overall positive! After a few Air Travels so far, even with connecting flights and so on, it still looks super good. Sure, it’s no Rimowa that you could literally throw off a cliff and it would still look super fine. But so far, I’m positively surprised.

According to PRIMARK, the Size M Suitcase weights 3.2 kilogrammes, giving you about 16 to 19 kg for your stuff depending on each airline restriction. The PRIMARK Suitcase features 4 spinning wheels, two handles to carry it and a push button wheel handle. There is no fixed TSA Lock or a Lock in general mounted on the case but you can easily add one yourself. PRIMARK is selling them as well, but I got my TSA Lock at IKEA for 2€. Inside you have one Side with Straps and one Side that can be closed with a zipper. The material on the left side is fragile, so it may likely be broken soon. Luckily, mine is still intact, but I grasp the thin fabric will soon tear apart. If you don’t overpack, it should be fine! On this left side, I have my shoes and smaller stuff like cables, and on the other side, I have two of my Packing Cubes for Clothes. The advantage of these Packing Bags is that your clothes are most likely wrinkle-free and you can pack more in a smaller space, in my own experience.

Overall I’m pleased with my 33€ PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M. Soon I’ll review the carry-on sized PRIMARK Suitcase in Size S. Have you ever considered or even bought a Suitcase at Primark? What was your experience?

Review Video: Primark Suitcase in Size M

Check out my Primark Suitcase Review Video, for any more questions, please comment below!

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Pictures: PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M at Hilton Kensington London

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

4 wheels

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

PRIMARK Suitcase Size M JoyDellaVita

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