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Osprey travel backpack Farpoint 40 – female Review

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I prefer to travel only with a backpack, especially with my Osprey Farpoint 40. In the past, it always had to be a pull suitcase for me, which I could either drag behind/next to me. As well as just put down sometimes, without having to carry all my belongings, as compared to a duffle bag. But a suitcase is also always a bit “annoying” – sometimes the wheels don’t want to go the way, especially on uneven tracks (and then you still have to carry it), and you sometimes have to pay extra for a suitcase at transport companies (underground, course ships, buses,…). And if you have to run quickly from A to B, in a train station or airport, for example, I always found it unnecessary to run myself but then also have to drag the suitcase behind me. So I looked up suitable bags for females for backpacking trips and found the Farpoint 40 by Osprey. Read here my experience as a female traveller.

Why exactly this travel backpack?

And so, I finally splurged, and I bought myself a “big” but still small travel backpack. When I was choosing my “backpacking backpack”, the main thing for me was that it had to have a decent capacity, but still at best complied with the current maximum dimensions for hand luggage. And that’s how I came across the Osprey Farpoint 40. This pack comes in different capacities, from 38 to 70, and in different colors depending on the size. I decided on the small one because it fits exactly into the dimensions for onboard hand luggage of e.g. Lufthansa. So of course, you can check the backpack in as luggage, but you don’t have to. And to make sure that the backpack also looks good, I chose red – a good choice, in my opinion.

Backpacking in Italy with the Osprey Farpoint 40 as a woman

For the many trips by train in Italy, I deliberately chose the Osprey Farpoint 40 because, compared to a suitcase, it is much more flexible for me to switch from bus to train and then to walking. What I have appreciated about Osprey products so far are the many intelligent storage compartments and pockets that are always built into every item from the brand. Plus, I got my Jasper Red Osprey Farpoint 40 back then for a good deal on Amazon, I just had to splurge on a good travel backpack for week-long adventures.

As you would do with a suitcase, I also packed the larger and heavier items in the lower section of the backpack, close to my back, as well as stowed my clothes horizontally on top in panniers. On the front, easily accessible, the entertainment for during the transits like a book, headphones, glasses, and co, as well as all other important things such as a PowerBank and handwritten addresses of all my planned destinations. From hotels and train stations to sights (so that if you are involuntarily offline, you can still find your way around in the real world). For a week of backpacking and travelling by train in Italy, the 38-litre volume of the Osprey Farpoint 40 was well enough for me as a woman. I’m not super fashionable and need tons of clothes, but for sure still, wear a new shirt daily (almost…) and need quite some stuff. In the transitional period of two seasons, two long-sleeved jackets/jackets were enough for me, otherwise T-shirts, two pairs of long trousers, a pair of shorts, a skirt, and a dress. Plus, another pair of comfortable shoes and sandals, cosmetics, a first-aid kit, charging cable and that’s all you need! 😉 In summer, you can even save on long clothes and get even more packed into the Osprey Farpoint 40.


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Review: how I like my 38-liter volume Farpoint 40 travel backpack by Osprey

I absolutely love it! The backpack is so cleverly designed, as you can completely open it to fill it properly. Either with packing cubes or all your belongings straight inside, the two latches help fix everything together and close to your back, for optimal weight distribution. Even though I fully packed my bag, it still didn’t feel too heavy, also thanks due to the big hip strap. The Farpoint 40 is definitely recommended for women (due to our naturally smaller posture compared to men)! As I usually always bring at least an iPad or laptop, to be able to work on my work-action trips as a travel blogger, I also need quite some chargers, cables, and other frills. If I would only fill the travel backpack with clothes, and necessary hygiene/beauty products, you could definitely go on tour for two weeks. I can definitely recommend the Farpoint series overall and would buy this one again! Also, again in this nice Jasper Red colour, as it stands out more than the grey or green, but is not too female-ish.

Pictures of my red Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack, bought for train travel backpacking

Below are some more pictures of my packed Farpoint 40 backpack, with some glimpses of the many storage compartments and how I carry the backpack. If you have any questions about the backpack, feel free to comment below. The posts about my Italy trip to Bologna, Rimini, and Florence will be online soon and can also be found in the “Italy travel tips” category.

Jasper Red Osprey Farpoint 40 joydellavita

laptop compartment Osprey Farpoint 40 joy della vita blogger review

Jasper Red Osprey Farpoint 40 review joydellavita

travel backpack train Osprey Farpoint 40 blog joydellavita

inside Red Osprey Farpoint 40

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