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10 Ways to Make the Most of Bad Weather while in Rimini (Italy)

Rimini is one of the most popular cities for vacations worldwide and the capital of Italian nightlife and seaside tourism. The city is located on the east coast of Italy on the Adriatic Sea and boasts of the best beach resorts and a beautiful sandy beach. The seaside promenade has lots of nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars with the city having some of the most interesting historical centres. However, bad weather should not break your camping holiday in Rimini. There are so many exciting things to see and do around the city that you won’t need an umbrella or a winter coat for. This article goes through 10 ways to make the most of bad weather while in Rimini (Italy).

Activities in Rimini

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1. Consider Going for Spa Treatment
Though pampering and camping are activities that do not go together, a bit of drizzle offers you a perfect chance to grab some of your free time. In this case, Rimini has some excellent spa facilities to keep you relaxed. Some of the best spas and wellness in Rimini include Rimini Terme, Savoia Spa Rimini You And Re Aqva. Also, The Thermal Centre Of Rimini offers physiotherapy, SPA, and wellness.

2. Go to The Beach
Rimini is one of the few cities that boasts of a fantastic coastline and a fine sandy beach that stretches for about fifteen kilometres. However, just because bad weather does not allow you to relax and lie in your bikini does not mean you cannot enjoy your time at the beach. You can turn the moment into a sea-life spotting expedition, exploring rock pools and collecting colourful shells. Just chuck on a cagoule and wear some wellies and you are good to go. It is also an excellent chance to visit the fantastic Aquarium of Cattolica Le Navi.

3. Escape to The City
Rimini City is sure to offer several museums or galleries to keep you excited for a few hours under shelter before the weather warms up for outdoor activities. It is a historical city with an artistic and monumental heritage of a high level including ancient and historical streets of the fishing, villages of Malatesta and Montefeltro. Some of the famous historical sites you can visit include The Surgeon’s House, The Gradara Castle, and Montefiore. You can also visit Park Fellini, one of the most visited in the city.

4. Go for A Road trip
A road trip around Rimini a perfect idea during lousy weather. This is especially if you have your own car to tour around the city. You can opt to visit landmarks, animal parks, and other attractions as you enjoy some photo-shooting sections. One of the favourite parks to visit is the zoo safari Ravenna, where you will encounter more than four hundred animal species that you can see close up with no barriers.

5. Tour the Bars and Restaurants Around the City
Indoor activities can be as fun. With some of the best restaurants and hotels located in Rimini, you can set out to the nearest restaurant and get some local food and a glass of wine. Relax and enjoy each other’s company while exploring various bars until the weather clears. For kids, go to the kiddie restaurants and order their taste. A food trip may be what you need to forget about the bad weather. Try the delicious food and wine selection as you gaze out across the Adriatic Sea.

6. Play Indoor Games
Depending on the number of people, you can grab a pack of cards and play. You can also opt for simple games such as mini-poker tournaments and set prizes up for grabs. Just get creative and come up with a refreshing indoor game appropriate for that moment. The city also has some amazing indoor kart track games for you and your family.

7. Use the Hotel Facilities
If the weather prediction states the possibility of strong winds or rain, you can consult with the hotel reception about the indoor facilities that they offer. The majority of hotels in Rimini provide indoor swimming, kids play areas or sporting facilities such as bowling alleys and gyms.

8. Go for An Indoor Shopping
An indoor picnic and shopping can give memorable events and simple life joys in your vacation despite the bad weather. Rimini, Italy has some great shopping centres where you can do window shopping and enjoy some indoor activities such as the cinema. Some of the famous shopping centres in Rimini include; Le Befane Shopping Center, Atlante Shopping Centre, And One Gallery Factory Outlet.

9. Take the Kids to A Kiddies Club
Most significant cities have a kid’s club, and Rimini is not excepted. Find a good kids club and take your kids to play and enjoy what they love most before the bad weather disappears.

10. Use of Digital Gadgets Distractions
I would recommend the use of digital gadgets distractions if you have exhausted all the possible options on a lousy weather vacation. With the current technological development, you no longer need to depend on your imagination to keep the kids entertained. Take your kids to a Rimini campsite bar where they can access Wi-Fi to Snapchat their buddies back home. You can then whip out the iPad and play your favourite games as you sip your wine.

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