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Where and how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on German TV (online and on TV)

Just a few more days, or actually just some more hours, till the first game of this years FIFA World Cup in Russia starts. The excitement level of some is already really high, while others still need some first games to watch, to fully catch that soccer-excitement. However, if you are not travelling to Russia to watch the soccer games live, there are plenty other options to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018. In the past years, a nice tradition has emerged in Germany. Many bigger, and smaller, cities and towns offer so-called “Public Viewing”. Usually, it’s somewhere outdoor or in big even halls, there is usually one big screen and you are just sitting together, watching the game, drinking beer and eating junk food, and enjoy the game. To find out about when a Public Viewing in your city is happening, just google something like “Xname of cityX WM Public Viewing 2018” and Google should give you some helpful information. However, not every city gives permission to host such big events, to whom often thousands of people gather, so it might be that your city is not hosting an event like this.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on German Television

Either you want to host your own World Cup watching party, or you just want to watch it yourself, luckily there is TV. In Germany, both ARD and ZDF are broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. If you don’t have access to a traditional TV, no worries, you can watch everything online as well. Each ARD and ZDF have good websites with livestreams, as well as Apps for Smartphones and Tablets. You will individually find “ARD Mediathek” and “ZDF Mediathek” in your devices app store. If you understand written German, on Hyyperlic you can read a bit more about the World Cup on German TV.

On the Internet, you’ll find the Live Stream each here and here

To talk about it on Twitter you can use the hashtag  for everything related to the annual World Cup in Russia as well as for the German Team.

Picture: obs / ZDF

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