Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – First Week Review – how I like the smart band so far

Xiaomi smartband review

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 isn’t my first smart wearable. After having bought the Apple Watch in the same month it launched and sold again just some very several months later, I’d say I already have some experience with those gadgets. Wearables, smart band, call them whatever you want, they literally are a digital watch with some extra features. With such a booming market for those gadgets, literally, every feature is, nowadays, available for smart wearables. As I don’t need/want to, talk via my wrist, a smart band with just some basics such as counting steps, checking my pulse, and displaying the time, was more than sufficient. So far, the Xiaomi MI Band 2 didn’t disappoint, at all.

With its small 0.46 “OLED display, the only 9 g “heavy” device has been my daily companion for one full week now. It’s so lightweight, and small in size, I don’t even notice it during my day. Besides the waterproof rubber band, I have also bought a more chic metal one, but haven’t used it, yet. As I wear by Xiaomi Mi Band 2 24/7 except when handling with lots of water during showering or cleaning dishes, I found the rubber band to be the most comfortable one.

After one full week of usage, to my own surprise, yet there was no need to recharge. As, after a week, I’m still having 61% battery left. According to Amazon, where I bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, this smart band is waterproof and dustproof (IP67), and features a heart rate monitor, pedometer, activity tracker for all sports, sleep analysis, calculation of calories burned and you are able to receive notifications from your connected smartphone (for example incoming calls).
Besides tracking my daily steps, so far I have also used the notification to remind me to walk, after not moving for a while, as well as the alarm clock function as well as tracking my sleep. Turns out, my sleep is actually pretty good with long phases of deep sleep, and only a few awake times. Another beloved function is the alarm clock, in which the smart band starts vibrating. Even without an active Bluetooth connection! The next best thing actually is that the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart band works without a constant Bluetooth connection. Personally, I only connect it to my phone twice a day, once in the morning after waking up, to check my sleep, and in the evening to manage my alarm clocks for the upcoming day. With advertised “20 days standby time”, probably two full weeks with one full charge sounds really good.

In my upcoming, full, review, scheduled to air in about another week, I will talk about the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 more detailed. I will talk about how comfortable it is, battery life, handling all the functions and more. Make sure to check back soon if you’re interested in eventually purchasing the smart band yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via Instagram or Twitter.

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wearing my Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with a metal band
wearing my Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with a metal band


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