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2016, a year of Hand luggage only Travel

Hello 2016 and a Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s start this new Year with a new Blog Post about my (Travel) Plans for 2016. Not everything I have in mind (so many destinations, just 366 days to do..) is already set on my Travel Agenda, but I’m working on it. In 2016 I finally want to visit other Continents I haven’t been to yet, speaking of Asia or the United States. The Cultures in Europe are mostly somehow the same, so I’m really thrilled to learn and experience new things.

Besides the Destinations, as it’s also the Journey that matters, I have made a decision: 2016 will be a Year of Hand Luggage only Travel. This might sound like a miracle to you, how someone is able to travel with so less things, or like why it’s even a Point to announce something like that. I can understand both opinions, so here now why I’ve chosen to do so.

When Traveling I want to focus on the Destination, and not on things that are attached to me. I want my Gear to work and function, and in no way to disturb me and my plans. As I had a “lost bag” with Lufthansa lately, I will write about the procedure soon, and I didn’t like how such thins can affect all your Plans and schedules I said to myself that I will never ever leave my luggage anywhere where I can’t control it.

Back in 2015 I started this #MarkAroundTheGlobe Thing and I want to continue it in 2016. Just my Travel Companion (my new one) and I, traveling around the Globe. Look out for the Hashtag that will be with me all this Year: #JDVaroundtheWorld. My next Trip will be on January 15th, stay tuned!

That’s my New Years resolution for 2016 – what’s yours?

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