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Recommendation – Blog about Rimini “io e Rimini”

The blog name says it all: “io e Rimini”, which means “I and Rimini”. The still rather young blog of the Italian Antonella Zaghini is dedicated to her (adopted) home Rimini. This spot on the Italian Adriatic, which is not only extremely popular with tourists, has a lot to offer. In the blog “io e Rimini”, website visitors can expect selected tips on local restaurants, as well as other impressions of the city, or what Rimini looks like in winter – which most summer-sun-beach-party tourists in Rimini can certainly not imagine in the warm summer months.

I first came across the blog in 2019, while researching and preparing for an upcoming stay in Rimini. With Corona, it has become a bit quieter on the Blog about Rimini, but a slimmed-down version of the archive is still online. And it is still recommended for you. After all, what better way to get local tips than a blog by a local from Rimini on the beautiful Italian Adriatic.

How to still access the Blog about Rimini

The author can now be found on Instagram at @antonellazaghini_ph/, where she gives tips for Rimini. She is also one of the admins of the Instagram account: @igers_rimini_.
The slimmed-down archive of the Blog about Rimini can be found here:

Some of her articles are still accessible via the Web Archive, also known as waybackmachine. Those former blogposts are colazione a Rimini / breakfast in Rimini here, or the general Buon Appetito category here.

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