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My Tips on how to cure a mild heat stroke when travelling

It’s Summer, it’s hot, the sun is shining – let’s go out and enjoy it. But, people, please, wear something that protects your head. I had (kind of) a heat stroke (for the second time that year, but more intense than the first time) from my Day Trip to St. Gallen. Irresponsibly I ran around all day, hiked and walked in the sun and just after I returned home in the evening I got the payback for it. A Headache, that does not even go away with aspirin, being slightly sick and a general feeling of discomfort –Hurray!

Some Tips on how to cure a mild heat stroke

First of all, if you are feeling sick, really sick, visit a doctor or go to the Hospital! A (possible) heat stroke is nothing to be taken lightly, and the first signs (a headache, or feeling sick) should be taken seriously. The difference between Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is that your skin is hot but dry and not sweaty, your pupils are constricted and you have a generally hot body temperature. If you have heat exhaustion you are sweating in combination with a normal body temperature. Taking care of your own health should be a top priority!

Nevertheless, you should immediately leave the sun and move to a colder place as soon as you feel uncomfortable. Your Body and especially your head and neck need to cool down again, soon. Hydration is important as well, so make sure – already during the Day – to drink a lot. Plain water would be perfect or mixed with a tiny bit of juice (like 1/5 apple juice for example). So-called “Iso-Drinks” claim to be awesome, but most of the time they are pure sugar bombs and not healthy at all. A natural isotonic drink would be an alcohol-free wheat beer but avoid alcohol. If you want to eat something I would recommend some not-heavy food that contains a lot of water, like Cucumber or Fruit (watermelon for example).

Cool your body down after a mild heat stroke

To help your body, and head, to cool down I can suggest cold towels and wraps. When I tried to sleep in the middle of the night the second towel, wrapped like a tube around my neck and forehead, finally cured the pain of the heat stroke. The Day after I tried to drink an extra amount of water to fully rehydrate, and it worked.
So far it went well for me, but if you have the same symptoms, and even have to vomit, go to a doctor or hospital!

As textiles protect best against the sun, and white garments even better, here are some suggestions on white caps and hats that work for both women and men to avoid a heat stroke when travelling.

Enjoy the Summer and the Sun, but stay Cool and be Cool! 🙂

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