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The (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine on Lake Garda in 2024

Read here more about which (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine to cross Lake Garda. On a holiday you sometimes want to splurge, but sometimes you absolutely want to save some money. As there are a few options to travel from Limone to Malcesine on Lake Garda, here you can find out which (cheapest) ship to take to travel from one side of the Lake to the other. Lake Garda is a great destination for tourists, as a lot is definitely catered to holidaymakers. However, sometimes you just want to see something else and venture out on a day trip. As travel by car can be stressful around the Lake, travelling on water is the answer. Not only on market days is the connection between Limone sul Garda and Malcesine on Lake Garda a favourable experience. When in Limone you definitely want to visit Malcesine, the city on the other side of the Lake, to experience the old town and castle Castello Scaligero.

ferry ship Malcesine Lake Garda

Taking the (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine

In Limone sul Garda, there are several “ports” or landing places for ships and ferries. In a dedicated Map on Google Maps, I have marked the locations for ferry ships in Limone for you, as embedded below. Even for the small car ferry. If the information for you is urgent, check the locations out directly here:

During my visit, I used the service by Garda Escursioni Peroni, which I consider the (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine. For just 9 Euro one adult gets transportation from Limone to Malcesine, and return. That’s a great price! Considering you have to pay 13 Euros by other providers for the same route…

Departure and arrival of the (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine

The departure point in Limone sul Garda is near Hotel Sole, at Via Lungolago Guglielmo Marconi, 32, the arrival and departure point for the return in Malcesine is near Oasi Bar Malcesine at Via Lungolago, 1.

You can’t miss the landing places as there is a tent and active sellers on site. It’s best to pay cash. At your departure port, you will receive a paper ticket. Keep this safe with you, as this same ticket will be collected upon departure from the arrival port, as it is your return ticket. You won’t receive any receipt, so place it in a closable inner pocket, wallet, or in the back of a mobile phone case.

Location of the ferry and ship landing places/harbours in Limone sul Garda



(cheapest) ship from Limone sul Garda to Malcesine Lake Garda
departure times (cheapest) ship from Limone to Malcesine

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