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Quick Pasta Lunch in Bruneck / Brunico

Enjoying a relaxed sit-down meal at a nice Restaurant can be a great experience, no doubt. But sometimes, you just need some energy and a short break, hence a quick pasta lunch break. Bruneck, or Brunico in Italian, in a city in the south Tyrollean area of beautiful Italy. With a population of just less than 20.000 inhabitants, the city isn’t that big for international standards, but quite so for this cozy more rural area. In Bruneck you can find Restaurants, entertainment, and big supermarkets. Thats where we happily discovered the Interspar St. Lorenzen. Situated in the industrial area of Bruneck, the supermarket has served us all we wanted, and quite some more. The fabulous San Benedetto Thé lemon ice tea, Birra Messina Cristalli di Sale Beer as well as loads of Tipo “00” Pizza flour and semolina. But then, we fell hungry. And luckily discovered the Restaurant Café Bar adjacent to the supermarket in a corner of the building.

Quick Pasta Lunch at Tutto Bene Bruneck

At Tutto Bene Bruneck, the Snack Bar inside the Interspar, offers anything a shopper desires to fuel himself up. Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches as well as hot dishes, and ice-cream and desserts. For just 7.50 Euro you can enjoy a hot pasta dish, for 50 cent extra with a topping of arugula. The Penne Arrabbiata have been utterly delicious, the Pesto Genovese were okay. Also nice, you get each pasta bowl with a side of bread-roll, ideal to dip the last remains of the sauce. Or, if you don’t finish your bowl, fill the bread with the pasta and enjoy it on the go later (sounds weird, but tastes superiorly good!)
I would definitely order the Pasta Arrabbiata with spicy tomato sauce again!

Tutto Bene (inside Supermercato INTERSPAR S.Lorenzo)
Address: Via Brunico, 28, 39030 San Lorenzo di Sebato BZ, Italy
Opening hours of the Interspar: Monday – Saturday 07:30 am – 8 pm, Sunday 8 am – 7 pm

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