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a Healthy summer evening routine for 2022

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How a simple summer evening routine can help to become more healthy? Simply by focussing on yourself, your body. With this summer evening, routine not only your brain or fitness will benefit, but it’s also a routine for your whole body. You can furthermore use this time to educate yourself, to have funny moments or to, finally, free your brain from thinking by letting your brain slow down and think about nothing specific.

My new summer evening routine to promote a healthy lifestyle

But making space for something, especially in the evening? With our days being more and more packed, all the things to do and errands to run, appointments, obligations and this and that and whatever. I totally get it, I absolutely do. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Or even a week or sometimes even a month. But this is usually the point where you feel the first signs of getting burned out. You have too much to do, you are focussing on everything but your own health and body. Usually, after a certain time, you feel and notice some signs. Even though you might have slept an appropriate amount of hours, you are not feeling energised nor rested.

You are always in go-go-go mode and never pause, hence your body can never really pause.

And this is where this healthy summer evening routine comes into play. Not as a final anchor to „do something“, but best would be as part of a regular schedule. Maybe weekly for starters? Twice weekly? Why not daily, if you can incorporate it into your schedule? Keep in mind, that you only have one body and one health. Once the latter starts to crumble, sometimes you can fix it, but more often you can only pause it to get worse. Focussing on yourself should be a top priority, even if it feels overwhelming and impossible at times! But taking a pause here and there is important before your body decides when it’s really time for a long pause.

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Juicing it up with Apothecary cold pressed juices

Before leaving the house, I‘m packing some juice. Refrigerated at just the right temperature, the cold-pressed juices by Apothecary offer a mix of great taste in combination with healthy ingredients. Also, they gave their drinks the funniest names! On my recent walk, I went out with „golden heal“. This Juice consists of grapefruit, orange, carrot, green apple as well as turmeric and mint. The turmeric gives the juice a nice „kick“, with grapefruit and the green apple adding a tender sourness, the orange and carrot a „thick“ base and the mint is the literal cherry on top.

The cold-pressed juices by Apothecary all come in recyclable glass bottles, at 250 ml each. Currently, they offer a selection of 0000 different varieties, plus little shots. They are stationary in Luxembourg, but ship Europe-wide. No matter if you are in Berlin, Amsterdam, Amalfi or Barcelona, Apothecary will ship to your address or your nearest UPS pickup station. Another highlight? The juices paper labels contain seeds of 8 wildflowers. Just plant and water the water tag and cherish the natural variety of flowers soon.

To find out more, check out their international website and follow them on Instagram at @apothecary_juice.

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Taking time for myself with this new summer evening routine

This is a routine which I first introduced to my lifestyle in 2022. But let me tell you, the results are already in. So, after grabbing my „juice of the evening“, I venture out of the house – for my Healthy Girl Walk (or was it Hot Girl Walk?!?). Lucky you if you have a forest or public garden nearby in walking distance! The plan is always to walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes. No jogging, just walking. I don’t want to ruin my knees and ankles… but to move my body. Sometimes I go in power-walking kind of sprints, sometimes I‘m walking a bit slower if I‘m observing something I‘m walking past, but I prioritise to keep on walking. No stops, just an uninterrupted walk.

And how is this now a „healthy summer evening routine“ you ask? First of all, I‘m moving my body, in the fresh air. My muscles, ankles, heart, lungs, skin and certainly a few more organs will applaud and approve of this. After a day of so much sitting, finally, my body gets some movement in. Also, I‘m training my condition by just walking. If I‘m not listening to a podcast, my brain gets to do whatever it pleases. But generally, it’s also a time my brain can slow down and focus on the smells I walk past and the little noises I hear in near and far.

If I‘m listening to a podcast I usually tune in to something I will hopefully learn a thing or two in the end, so there can also be an educational aspect. I‘m also nourishing my body, as I drink a juice from Apothecary. Their little glass bottles have just the right size, perfect to take them with you. Also you won’t feel too full afterwards as the portion is not too big. I‘m venturing out on this summer evening routine after dinner, I try to start about one hour after, so the juice is my „evening snack“ substitute. No more snacks for me that evening, just the juice with its many natural ingredients. And, the movement. Oh, believe me, your body will thank you on so many levels for this!

My summer evening routine take away

You should absolutely try to incorporate a walk into your own summer evening routine, either alone or with your family and friends. If it is beneficial, why not encourage others to do it together? Take this as your sign, and do it for your own body and health, free up some time and change up your summer evening routine. Your health will definitely thank you for it, in the short term and long run!

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