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Drinking enough water in summer: five simple tips

It is super important to for you to remember to be drinking enough water in summer! The higher the temperatures rise, the more important it is to drink enough fluids. If the body is under-supplied, it reports: thirst! But it can become more serious rapidly… Even a few rituals that can be easily integrated into everyday life help to prevent this. Natural mineral water makes a valuable contribution.

If you’re not drinking enough water, you will feel the effects. You get tired quickly and your concentration wanes. In addition to the brain, all other organs are also supplied with vital nutrients via the blood, half of which consists of water. Nutrition Societies all over recommends that every adult should drink up to/at least 1.5 liters of water a day to ensure that the water balance is maintained. In sweaty-hot temperatures or when you move a lot, as in sports, the body needs correspondingly more to compensate for fluid loss.

The best strategy to prevent thirst: drink enough and regularly. The easiest way to maintain a healthy habit for your own body is to drink several portions throughout the day. Mineral water is the ideal choice not only for the calorie-conscious. Another advantage of this natural thirst quencher is that it contains various minerals and trace elements, a perfect addition to your diet for your whole body.

Everyday tips for drinking enough water, in summer and every day:

  1. Set goals – and keep them in mind: Prepare your daily ration already in the morning. This way you always have an overview of the amount you have already drunk – and still should drink.
  2. Use breaks: Take a sip whenever a break presents itself.
  3. Seek allies: Get support from your family or colleagues. Motivate each other to take a drink.
  4. Be prepared on the go: Remember to take a bottle of mineral water with you when you leave the house, may it be for work, an evening picnic or a day trip.
  5. Give yourself variety: Every mineral water tastes different depending on what minerals are dissolved in it. The carbon dioxide content also varies. Herbs, pieces of fruit or vegetables provide an additional kick. Juice spritzers are even more intense, preferably in a ratio of one part juice and 3 parts mineral water.
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keep in mind: drinking enough water in summer is important!

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