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Fast Pizza in Verona near Arena di Verona

La Conchiglia in Verona is a “fast pizza” restaurant just nearby the famous Arena di Verona. Located in the Citta Alta the restaurant for sure is targeted mainly on tourists, due to its convenient location. But it is also made by Pizza World Champion 2013, guaranteeing you more than just a good Pizza. I was actually on a mission to walk once around the Arena, after having visited the Tourist Information to get the Verona Card for my upcoming adventures in the city, when I walked by this place offering a slice of Pizza Margherita for 3€. Dreaming of a good slice of Pizza all day, I immediately seized this opportunity.
Big, round Pizzas are offered at La Conchiglia Verona, with various toppings. The Pizze (plural for Pizza) on display are all cold and will be heated up in the oven after purchasing. Only a few minutes later I was handed both hot and crispy pizza. To my honest surprise, this 3€ Pizza Margarita by La Conchiglia Verona was SO good! Personally, I prefer Pizza with a rather hard/crispy dough, than a soggy one, and it was just perfect. Together with mild cheese and a fruity tomato sauce, this was a perfect meal. I can definitely recommend La Conchiglia in Verona. There are a few seats inside, but I’d recommend eating at nearby Piazza Brá.

Address La Conchiglia Verona

Via Leoncino, 55
37121 Verona VR

Pictures of my Pizza Margherita in Verona by La Conchiglia

La Conchiglia Pizza in Verona
La Conchiglia Pizza in Verona
Pizza Margherita in front of Arena di Verona
Pizza Margherita in front of Arena di Verona

Fast Pizza La Conchiglia Verona Arena

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