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How to Spend Time as a Family this Festive Season

Christmas time is nearly here, and that means the chance to make some fun memories together as a family! No matter what ages your children are, there are lots of ways you can do stuff that involves everyone in the family to celebrate the season and get everyone nice and excited for Christmas Day itself. Here are some ideas:

Put Up Your Decorations Together

It definitely starts to feel exciting once your house is all decorated for Christmas, and it can be a lot of fun to decorate together. There are jobs involved in putting up Christmas decorations suitable for all but the very youngest kids, and so while dealing with the lights and putting up high up decorations is best left to adults and teens, you can definitely make all the family feel a part of things, even if it’s just by doing things like choosing which colors you use and which ornaments should go where on the tree. Another thing that can be fun for kids is to put up some decorations in their bedrooms as well as your living spaces, so they can feel festive when they are studying or playing in their rooms.

Have a Christmas Movie Night

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movies, and of course, more come out each year, and so having a fun movie night in the run up to Christmas can be a great time to get together and watch something new, introduce your kids to some of your favorite classics, or just re-watch Christmas movies you all love.

Make Some Fun Christmas Crafts

Crafts are always a good way to have some fun together as a family, and when it comes to Christmas, there are so many great craft ideas on blogs and on YouTube channels that it’s easy to find things to make that are suitable for the age groups you have in your family, as well as for your own skill level when it comes to that kind of thing! Whether you make decorations or gifts, or go for something simpler like gift tags or cards, you can have a great time getting crafty!

Go to a Christmassy Show

Going to see a show with Christmassy songs or a festive story can be a really fun way to get into the Christmas spirit together as a family, so why not check out this site for family theater tickets and see what you could go to see near you? Christmas is a time when there tends to be a lot of family friendly plays and shows to see, and so you should be able to find something appealing for the age range of your kids, and hopefully something the grown ups will enjoy too!

Play Games Together

Whether it’s board games, video games, or classic games like Pictionary, having some game time can be a great way to get everyone together to have some fun. If you have a game console, then it can be fun to invest in games that are designed for parties, where people can compete against each other in your living room. But, if hi tech games are not your thing, then there are lots of great board games out there from modern versions of old classics, such as different themed Monopoly sets, to games designed to be played in teams. Some games can be educational for the kids, such as trivia games, others can make you work your creativity, such as charades, and others are just designed to let you have a fun, silly time!

Meet Santa!

If you have kids who are young and believe in Santa, then going to see Santa at the mall or wherever else he may be appearing near you can be one of the traditional highlights of the run up to Christmas. Older kids tend to enjoy being in on the magic as they watch their younger siblings meet the man in red, and it can be a fun part of your Christmas shopping experience, even if you may have to wait in line for a while, depending on where you go. Find out in advance where you can take your child to meet Santa by looking online at the websites of local malls and toy stores, and you can also get an idea of cost and wait times.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this list of fun suggestions for ways to spend time together this Christmas, and will have fun doing some of these things with your family!

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