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What you can buy at a FOSSIL outlet store in Germany

US-brand Fossil is known for its watches. However, their bags and accessories like glasses or jewellery are popular, too. I have already visited two Fossil Outlet Stores in Germany, the one in Brehna as well as the one in Soltau. Both are situated in northern Germany, however, there are a few more in Germany, and worldwide. Shopping at Outlet Stores often guarantees you some stellar prices. Sometimes the prices are about equal to temporarily reduced prices at online retailers, sometimes you can get heavy discounts and buy something for just a small margin of the original asked price. But how about the current prices and discounts at Fossil Outlet Shops in Germany? Can you already buy heavily-reduced goods, for Christmas? Below a few price-point examples as well as my experience in so far two German Fossil Outlet Stores.

What it’s like shopping at a Fossil Outlet and how to save extra money

Outlet stores are by no way dirty or give you an unwell feeling, well, some might give you anxiety, but this does not correlate to both the Fossil Outlet Stores I have visited so far. More are definitely to come… Both Stores feature a light and airy ambience, with furniture in light earthy colours, definitely resembling the laid-back but elegant ambience Fossil displays to its customers. Each store sold handbags, backpacks, as well as sunglasses (but just a limited selection each), as well as plenty of watches, their new smartwatches in their various generations and designs, as well as jewellery like earrings and necklaces.

Before or upon visiting the Fashion Outlet Centre, it’s recommended to inform yourself about the on-site membership options. Depending on the outlet and its respective company (McArthurGlenn, TheSyleOutlets, ROS Retail Outlet Shopping,…), there are various „VIP Clubs“ available. For example at Leipzig/Halle TheStyleOutlets in Brehna in Saxony-Anhalt, I have received a digital VIP Card which granted an additional 20% reduction on outlet prices at most stores at the outlet, including Fossil. For a Fossil Elle Crossbody I have only paid 66,08 Euro, instead of the usual retail price of 168€. Stellar bargain? Definitely!

Where to find a Fossil Outlet in Germany

As of right now, you can find a Fossil Outlet Store in the following Cities: Ingolstadt, Zweibrücken, Wertheim, Roppenheim, Montabaur, Ochtrup, Wolfsburg, Ochtum, Wustermark, Metzingen, Neumünster, Sandersdorf-Brehna as well as Salzburg and Parndorf (near Vienna).

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