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Hotel Ornato – Gruppo Mini Hotel in Milan

For my stay in Italy to visit EXPO 2015 I was looking for a cheap but modern hotel, and found it – Hotel Ornato in Milan. Well, not directly cheap but the value for money should be fine. Instead of spending up to a hundred euros more per night for a Hotel in the centre of Milan, I’d rather choose Hotel Ornato in the area of Bicocca/Niguarda. In Bicocca and Niguarda do the real Milanese people live and I’ve really enjoyed my stay!

Hotel Ornato, which is named after the street Via Luigi Ornato, an Italian patriot, is part of the Mini Hotel Group with in total of 8 hotels in Milan. Part of the rooms at the Hotel has just been renovated and for some extra euros per night, you can stay in one of them. The un-renovated ‘economy rooms’ are cheaper, but I opted for a new ‘Happy Room’. As the Hotel is located in Niguarda, in the northern part of Milan, I took the Metro from Milano Centrale until the Station Bicocca and walked the remaining 1,5 km with all my luggage. What I just learned later as settling down in the area is that there are buses and Tramways that stop just a few footsteps from the hotel entrance. The station name for both is Niguarda Nord.

Once I arrived at the Hotel I could immediately check in and I took the elevator to my room on the second floor. In the corridor, there was a Drink dispenser that I have often used during my stay for cold water, coke or juice. My single room was big and spacious enough for me and my luggage. Most of the interior is from IKEA, so I immediately felt like at Home. I know some people who just can’t handle such an open closet, but I liked it as I hung up most of my clothes. When I already thought that the room was spacious enough for one person, the bathroom definitely was it even more. A big shower and just lots of space. The WiFi is free at Hotel Ornato in Milan but my connection wasn’t always the best, sometimes I just lost the connection or it was so bad that I couldn’t even check my emails. But as I anyway spent most of my time in the room to sleep it was okay, but still annoying.

As I rather wanted to enjoy a variety of Italian breakfasts, brioche and cappuccino, I haven’t had breakfast at the hotel, so I can’t say anything about it. But even though I had a room with windows over the street it wasn’t loud and all in all, I really enjoyed my stay at Hotel Ornato and I’d book a room there anytime again. Currently, they have a special promotion for EXPO 2015, check it out on their homepage (The offer includes 1 night in a double room and a ticket for EXPO 2015).

In the direct area around the Hotel there aren’t many attractions, but I can recommend a walk or jog in the ‘Parco Nord Milano’, the Asian restaurant to the left of the Hotel when you leave it and for a supermarket (Carrefour) I’ve taken a bus to the metro station and took another tram for one station to V.le Testi Via S. Marcellina.
Close to the metro station of Bicocca is the ‘Museo Interactive del Cinema’.
With the Metro, you’re in the Center of Milan (Bicocca to Zara and to Duomo) in about 19 minutes and at the Train Station Porta Garibaldi (Bicocca with M5 to Garibaldi Fs) in about 8 minutes.

Address of Hotel Ornato in Milan

Via Luigi Ornato 64
20162 Milano

Pictures of Hotel Ornato – Gruppo Mini Hotel in Niguarda / Bicocca

Hotel Ornato Milan Gruppo Mini Hotel Niguarda Bicocca JoyDellaVita
Closet and table at Hotel Ornato in Milan
Hotel Ornato Milan Gruppo Mini Hotel Niguarda Bicocca JoyDellaVita
Hotel Ornato Milan Gruppo Mini Hotel Niguarda Bicocca JoyDellaVita
Hotel Ornato Milan Gruppo Mini Hotel Niguarda Bicocca JoyDellaVita
Hotel Ornato Milan Gruppo Mini Hotel Niguarda Bicocca JoyDellaVita
WiFi Code, Milan Map and Room Key
View on the Tramway-station in NIguarda (and almost the bus station)
View on the Tramway-station in Niguarda (and almost the bus station)

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