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How far is Como from Milan and how to travel in between

How to easily travel from Milan to Lake Como? Como is a dream destination in northern Lombardy. Rowing luscious green hills, the clearest blue water and one exclusive and luxurious villa next to the other. It’s no surprise mega-celebrities such as George Clooney and his wife lodge at Lake Como. When in Milan, you definitely have to plan at least a half-day trip to Lake Como. If you are uncertain about how to travel, below you will find all the information you need, from how far Como is from Milan, to how to best travel in between both areas.

How far is Milan from Como, by air

The distance by air from the Centre of Milano, to Como by the Lake, is 39 km or 24 miles. The distance by road is quite a bit more than that, per usual. Find this measurement below in the different types of journeys to take in order to finally visit Lake Como, when you are staying in Milan anyway. Or, if you have just arrived in Milan by air, train or bus, and want to continue your journey to the lake.

How to travel from Milan to Como – different types of methods

By train

The easiest and most convenient way, per usual, is by public transportation. I can’t stress this fact enough, but train travel is so smooth and uncomplicated in Italy. Even as foreigners, having never stepped foot in a train, you will get familiar with the Italian rail system soon.

When taking a train from Milan to Como you will have multiple options. Or, mainly two. You can enter a faster international EuroCity Train, or a slower regional train. The advantage of the EC Train is that it’s faster, but on the downside, you will have to pay more for the ticket and as the final destination is international, there might be more (official, police) inspections regarding international travel and border crossing, as Como S. Giovanni station is the final one on Italian ground, before the trains head out to Switzerland. Just to keep this in mind. The advantage of the regional train is that it is cheaper and stops at multiple cities along the way. This enables you to visit two cities on a single day trip; I can definitely recommend a combined Monza & Como Day Trip from Milan! Or maybe you want to leave the train in a smaller city, to discover real Italian living, in places such as Monza. The disadvantage is of course the longer travel time. Some examples here for you:

EC Train Milano Centrale to Como S. Giovanni – travel time: 37 min price in 2nd class: 15 Euro stops along the way: 1
Regional train Milano Centrale to Como S. Giovanni – travel time: 40 or 62 min price in 2nd class: 4,80 Euro stops along the way: at least 3

By Car

If you are anyway traveling with a car, the most reasonable option might be to drive from Milan to Como by car. In another blogpost I have already concluded all the public parking, autosilos, in Como. Also my favourite one which is just a few metres from the shores of the lake and ideally located. When driving from Milan to Como you have two options, taking toll routes (its just 2 euros per direction) or a free route. The driving time and distance for the tolled route is 50,6 km and about 56 minutes, the free one is 49,8 km and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Arrive at the destination 20 minutes faster and drive the majority on motorways, or save 2 euros and drive on country roads and pass by more rural areas. The decision is up to you, your wallted and schedule.

By organized day trip, with a tour guide

Another type of day trip travel is joining organized group tours. Depending on the tour and tour operator you’re booking with, it’s sometimes customary to be picked up at your hotel, if it’s a tour specialized for tourists, otherwise you will have to arrive at a certain departure destination. There are several tours available from Milan traveling to Como and the Lake Como Area for a day trip. If you want to book such a trip before arriving in the city, just google and you will find plenty of options. Otherwise the Hotel you’ll be staying at will definitely have some tips or even discounts for certain operators.


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