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How far is Lake Garda from Verona? (Distance and Travel Time Lago di Garda – Verona)

During my recent trip to Verona, I definitely left part my of heart there – what a wonderful city! But even though sightseeing in a city is fun, especially in cultural-packed Verona, but sometimes, you just need a soft breeze of air and a lake in front of you. The sound of waves crashing and crashing immediately slows me down, I guess most of you will feel the same. To escape the hustle and bustle of Verona, the number one Tip is to visit Lake Garda. This Lake is, too, very popular with tourists and day-trippers, but it’s certainly worth it. Below you will find some options on how to travel from Verona to Lake Garda, each including the approximate travel time and costs to calculate. At Lago di Garda you can not only visit the Lake, and enjoy its perks, you can also visit the biggest amusement park in Italy, Gardaland in Castelnuovo del Garda.

How far is Lake Garda from Verona

How to Travel from Verona to Lake Garda / from Lake Garda to Verona

By Car

Probably the easiest way to travel from Verona to Lago di Garda, is my taking a Car. In Italy, you have the option to pay for the autostrada, the motorway, or use free-of-charge routes. To give you an example of how long the journey takes, and the prices you have to calculate, I’ll give you examples each for a Trip to 1) Gardaland and 2) Turbel / Torbole.

From Verona to Gardaland adventure park
via autostrada 32 Min. for 31,3 km & costs = 1,60 €
via SR11 34 Min. for 24,7 km no costs

From Verona to Turbel / Torbole
via autostrada 59 Min. for 79,4 km & costs = 4,00 €
via SP11 1 hour 28 Min. for 83,1 km no costs

If you just want to go to Gardaland or Sirmione, avoiding the toll route might be an option, however, if you plan on travelling to the northern area of Lake Garda I’d recommend taking the autostrada, paying the few euros and saving some precious time.

By Bus

If you planned on taking a FlixBus from Verona to somewhere at Lake Garda I have bad news, there are no Routes available. If you, for example, want to visit Gardaland, you can travel from Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Rovereto, Trento or Bozen/Bolzano, but not from Verona or somewhere close. This is probably due to the fact that Flixbus is not allowed to run Routes, that are already operated by local companies. Nevertheless, if I have counted correctly, there are now a total of 13 stops for various FlixBus Lines all around Lake Garda. Check out the Route Map ( for all possible connections/destinations. From outside of Italy you can travel to Lake Garda from Ljubljana, Lausanne, Geneva or Munich without having to change buses.

by Train

Probably my personal favourite form of transportation in foreign counties is taking trains. First you don’t need to drive yourself and second, you have so much more time to enjoy the landscape, relax, read, or just plan the upcoming travel days. In the past taking a train in Italy has always been easy to me, and even though the language barriers, I have always ended exactly where I wanted to. Plus, I usually buy the tickets either online in advance or at vending machines. Depending on where you want to travel to at Lake Garda, taking a Train might be easier, or more complicated. You can find some examples below. Otherwise, you can research yourself, especially for exact travel times, on the English Trenitalia website (

Train from Verona Porta Nuova to Gardaland / Castelnuovo Del Garda
Regional Train – direct connection – travel time 12 minutes – costs 2,65€ per person in the 2nd class

Train from Verona Porta Nuova to Sirmione (Desenzano Del Garda-Sirmione)
Regional Train – direct connection – travel time 23 – 28 minutes – costs 4,45€ per person in 2nd class
Frecciarossa (faster long-distance train) – direct connection – travel time 19minutes – costs 15€ in standard class, 19€ in business class, each per person

Unfortunately, there are no other train tracks along the Lake. You can try and search for connections, including regional bus services, via Google Maps.

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