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How to create your Instagram TOP 9 Collage online for free

by european travelblogger Lisa


What were your most liked photos on Instagram in 2019? Now after Christmas, the time begins again, in which everyone publishes their “top” lists for the year. While many websites offer such a function directly and provide you with this information directly, Instagram does not offer a “top” list directly. Of course, there is also a convenient solution here. And completely free of charge, and without having to install any dubious apps from Saudi Arabia or China (looking at you, tiktok and totok).

The best website to create an Instagram Top 9 2019 collage

Since 2015, the question of finding a good “Instagram Top 9” website or app has not arisen for me. Since then I have had a clear favourite, year after year. And that’s the TopNine website, available online at topnine.co. In a nutshell: you simply enter your Instagram handle (the user name), as well as an e-mail address (for sending, if the creation of the top 9 collage should take longer), and you get the collage. Important, the Instagram account must be made public for this at short notice. The software naturally has no access to private accounts. Once the collage has been created, you can confidently set your Insta account back to private, and then only share the collage with friends and family.


Step by step instructions: how to create an Instagram TOP 9 2019 collage with Top Nine

So, if the short instructions from above are not enough for you, here is the detailed instructions to create your own Instagram Top 9 collage. By the way, you can not only create them for your own account but for every public account. For example, from the photos of celebrities or friends of yours.

So first you open the website linked above, TopNine. This works both from the computer and from a smartphone or tablet. There is a field directly in the upper field of the website, in which you have to enter your Instagram account name, and then you can proceed to the next step by clicking on the blue “continue” button.


Instagram Top Nine

Here you are now asked to enter your email address. The reason for this is that if it takes longer, you don’t have to wait in front of the opened website, but the collage is then sent directly to your e-mail inbox free of charge? How can it be that it “takes longer”? One day it may be that you are on your Instagram account 3 to 5 pictures a day, in 365 days this means over 1000 pictures, theoretically. It simply takes a while until the top 9 software has searched all of them and sorted them by which most hearts/likes have been received. If you only posted 10 pictures in 2019, it will take significantly less time. Another reason why it could possibly take a little longer is the servers from TOP NINE. According to the website, around 8 million people have already created their Instagram collage. This is quite a lot considering how many million to billion photos all these people have posted on Instagram. And all of these processes run via the server of Top 9, after searching for the most liked pictures, here it is definitely understandable that the process sometimes takes a little longer when hundreds of thousands of people are accessing the same website and the same process. A little patience is required here. However, it won’t take more than a few minutes 😉

It is also important, for data protection reasons, that you can delete your email address from the TopNine database at any time. Simply visit the following page: topnine.co/forget-me (forget me = forget me)

And as soon as you have entered your email address, the system calculates and your collage should be visible within seconds. I don’t post much on Instagram, so there wasn’t much to go through on the website. Now you have the option to download the Instagram Top 9 collage directly and save it on your device, or you can try out the “create video” function (for Insta Stories, for example – but costs € 1.99). Conveniently, it also shows directly how many posts (pictures and video) you posted in 2019, how many likes you received in total, and how many likes per post on average.

Out of interest, I have created the Instagram Top 9 for some celebrities, see below what performed best on their accounts in 2019 here:

Instagram Top 9 by diplo

Instagram Top 9 by diplo

Instagram Top 9 by diplo

Instagram Top 9 by Kendall Jenner

Instagram Top 9 by Kendall Jenner

Instagram Top 9 by Kendall Jenner

Instagram Top 9 by Bill Gates

Instagram Top 9 Bill Gates

Instagram Top 9 by Bill Gates

What I also like is that the collage is already rectangular for Instagram if you want to share it there directly. Unlike some other “Top 9” tools, it also has no watermark, which is also a big plus.

And after you have hit the “download now” button, this is what it looks like, once you downloaded it:

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