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This is how the new Veggie Hotdog by IKEA tastes

The Swedish furniture company IKEA is not only well known through the corporate colour combination of yellow and blue, or because of affordable furniture and home accessories, no, for many people the IKEA hot dog is the real highlight of a furniture store visit. As the vegetarian that I am, I have never come to enjoy the IKEA hot dogs, well, by now. IKEA has recently started selling a veggie hot dog. In the same bread rolls as the meat hot dogs, but just wholly meat-free and vegan.

The Veggie Hotdog IKEA is not made by “fake meat”, what’s not exactly more healthy or environmentally friendly than regular meat, no, it exists of pure vegetables. Great! Precisely the IKEA Veggie Hotdog is made from red lentils, quinoa and vegetables. And, according to IKEA, the vegan hot dog “sausages” aren’t not only healthier since they are made from plants, but they are also, in comparison, more sustainable in production and therefore better for the environment.
At least to date, you can buy the Veggie Hotdog for 1.00 euros per portion, or for 1.50 euros including a drink cup with countless refills. For IKEA Family cardholders the price per Veggie HotDog is only 0.80 €, however, there is no discount for the combined offer with a drink.

Thanks to the vegetarian hot dog from IKEA, I was finally able to enjoy the IKEA Hot Dog experience myself. At the station, you can top the bun with pickles, crispy onions and red cabbage, as well as mustard and ketchup. I opted for red cabbage, mustard, ketchup and onions and was more than satisfied. If IKEA would only sell the vegetarian hot dog sausages in addition to the Köttbullar balls, that would be great! 😉 Have you already tried the Veggie Hotdog at your IKEA, how did you like it?

Veggie Hotdog IKEA
Veggie Hotdog IKEA

Veggie Hotdog IKEA

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