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blogfoster is a great platform for bloggers, as it helps to make money blogging. But blogfoster is more than just an Influencer Marketing Company, it’s also a Community and they are providing lots of informative Tips in the blogfoster Academy for newbie bloggers as well. I’ve used blogfoster already for some years in Germany, where they first launched, but now they are, finally, also available in the UK as blogfoster UK. For better understanding, especially if you are new to the blogging world and/or don’t know exactly how all this ‘earning money with your blog’-stuff works, I have several categories below. If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Through several years of working with blogfoster, I am confident to answer all your Q’s!

Earn Money with Blogging

Make money blogging, isn’t this the dream of so many? Writing just an online journal, sharing ideas, discussing information, and earning money through it. When I first started blogging in January 2011 I personally had absolutely no idea I could earn any money through my hobby. Years have passed, followers and readers came, and here I am now, being a full-time blogger, making all my money blogging. In order to earn money through blogging, you need one essential thing: clients. You can either directly contact companies, but that’s time intensive and often highly unsuccessful. What I absolutely like about blogfoster UK, they connect clients wanting to work with bloggers/wanting to do Influencer Marketing, with bloggers. No matter what’s the focus of your blog, there are campaigns for everyone. The price structure is fairly measured on your monthly readership, the more readers you have, the more money you can earn with your blog.

How blogfoster UK works – Campaigns & Analytics

Of course the most important thing to you as a blogger, no matter if you write about fashion & beauty, crafting, cooking or travel, you want to earn money. Therefore the campaigns will be your main focus. Once you log into the blogfoster UK dashboard, you will find the button for campaigns on the left sidebar. There you have a nice overview, with pictures, of each campaign on offer right now. If the deadline for an application is ending soon there will be a notification. It’s quite possible to see other campaigns than for example a blogger-friend of yours is seeing, as you will only see the ones suitable for your own blog. In the overview, you can also already see the name of the campaign, and the payment. Payment is depending on your page views, and on each campaign itself. Through some, you will earn more money, through some a bit less. But they are still fair rates and make it just so easy.
To measure your page views, and more, there is blogfoster’s own analytics, called blogfoster Insights. You can access them as well from the left sidebar. You won’t just see how many people read your blog, but also what words they use in search engines, and what other websites or bloggers link to you.
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Signing Up to blogfoster UK

To use blogfoster UK, as a blogger, you have to sign up. By registering yourself, and your blog, you gain access to various functions. You can do so by clicking right here: sign up to blogfoster UK. One you filled out everything the only thing missing is the approval of you/your Blog. If you have more than 1 Blog, no worries, you can add multiple blogs to your account. Now the next thing you have to do is installing the blogfoster tracking plugin. You simply install it, insert your account code, and tracking starts. I’ve already explained more on blogfoster Insights in the category above.

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