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What better way to learn how a nation cooks, by stepping into the kitchen of a native and/or passionate cook? A small obsession of mine are Italian Food YouTube Channels. Discovering new dishes or having yet another take on a staple of the Italian cuisine, to catch one or two new tips or check out a new technique. To either watch them of entertainment purpose only, or for a cook-along session. There will always be a reason and occasion to dive into the world of Italian cooking on YouTube. With billions of Channels on YouTube, the list is endless of Channels featuring Italian cookery. Find here below a curated list of my personal favorite Italian Food YouTube Channels. From an Italian grandma cooking for their offspring, to business ladies sharing real-life tips on a housewife-friendship level. Feel free to comment below your own favorite channel featuring Italian Food and Recipes. Also make sure to check out my Italy Travel Guides and international Recipes.

10 of my personal favorite Italian Food YouTube Channels

Emiko Davies

YouTube Channel Link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCUSeNR9Kj5CsypIrGil674g


YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/user/4usSing


YouTube Channel Link: www.youtube.com/user/Chiarap800

Fatto in Casa da Benedetta

YouTube Channel Link: www.youtube.com/user/benedetta1972

Il Rifugio Perfetto

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/c/IlRifugioPerfetto

Casa Pappagallo

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/c/CasaPappagallo

Pina Bresciani

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/channel/UCt_ErbI02-gKazRCJ54I83g

Ricette delle nonne

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/c/Ricettedellenonne

Tutti a Tavola

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/c/TuttiaTavola2016

Vincenzo’s Plate

YouTube Channel Link: youtube.com/c/vincenzosplate


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