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Italian dinner at MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo

MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo is a restaurant located in a narrow street near the famous Teatro Massimo in Palermo. It has both outdoor seating and indoor seating with only two tables inside. Unfortunately, the service at the restaurant was quite slow as only one woman was managing all the tables, which resulted in a long wait not only for the orders to arrive. For paying we went inside, as there seemed no chance we will ever be visited at the table anymore…

enjoying Dinner at MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo?

First, we ordered the bruschetta, but it was not the best to be found in Palermo. The bread was toasted too much, and the toppings were not well-seasoned. The tomatoes lacked the necessary sweetness and acidity, which made the dish quite bland. The dish would have been much better if they had added some salt and olive oil to bring out the flavours. Not an ideal start to this dinner experience in Palermo. For other recommendations, check out my Restaurants in Palermo Review section.

Italian tomato Bruschetta
Italian tomato Bruschetta

The Spaghetti alla Norma with aubergine in tomato sauce was one of the main Primi dishes that were ordered. However, the meal was quite disappointing as it lacked flavour and taste. The sauce was rather limited and not well-seasoned, and it lacked the necessary acidity to balance the sweetness of the tomatoes. It would have been much better if they had added some salt to enhance the dish’s flavour. At least the added Ricotta salata, salty rather hard Ricotta cheese, added some flavour to the Pasta with aubergine.

Another dish that was ordered was the Risotto alla pescatora with mussels, prawns, squids, and clams. Unfortunately, this dish was also not up to par. The rice lacked the creaminess that is usually found in a good risotto. Also, the size of the meal was rather small. Additionally, the dish lacked seasoning as well, and it would have been much better if they had added some salt to bring out the flavours of the varied seafood.

Review: MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo

Overall, the dining experience at MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo was quite disappointing. The slow service and lacklustre food left a lot to be desired. The dishes lacked seasoning, which made them challenging to enjoy. The bruschetta was also not up to par, which was a shame since it is a simple dish that is usually easy to make.

The restaurant’s location is quite good, as it is situated in a narrow street near the Teatro Massimo. However, this does not make up for the unsatisfactory taste of the food and service. The restaurant’s small size and limited seating options also mean that it can be quite cramped and uncomfortable to dine in. If you get a table outside, be prepared to have hundreds of people walking right by your table and plate/drinks.

However, if this is the only place available, it is quite okay to have dinner there, but do not expect an outstanding meal. Be prepared to pay up to 50 Euros for two persons for a simple dinner, or more if you also order secondi and not just primi dishes.

menu MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo joydellavita
one page of the Menu at MACCIO Osteria alcolica Palermo

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