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James Asquith – a Travel Youtuber to check out

Will the James Asquith Youtube Channel become your new favourite Travel Youtuber? Everyone could possibly produce a serious flight trip report, especially if it’s about a first-class product. But it definitely takes a very decent amount of Humor to deliver a funny yet serious yet witty trip report. If the latter is more your cup of coffee, and you rather spit your coffee out laughing than drinking tea with your tiny finger on a perfect horizontal angle, then the one by James Asquith is your favourite new travel YouTube Channel. If one thing is for sure, he definitely is mine (favourite new Travel and Lifestyle and TripReport YouTuber).

Lufthansa Lederhosen travel YouTuber James asquith
James Asquith in Bavarian Lederhosen on a Lufthansa First Class Flight, because why not

James Asquith is actually not just some „business travel douche“ disturbing flight assistants as well as fellow travellers worldwide with his attitude, he has a long history of flying and exploring new countries. Certificated by World Guinness Records James is the youngest male to have travelled to all 196 sovereign countries in this world. He reached this goal when he was 24,  now he is 32 and a successful Founder & CEO. For his business Holiday Swap he is travelling the world, jetting from meeting to meeting. During 2020 alone he made it onto 104 flights with 331,000 km flown which equals to 8 times around the globe. On the social photo and video platform Instagram his Account @jamesasquith has amassed more than 1.2 million followers so far, now he is just  starting out on YouTube. I have actually only discovered him and his channel a few days ago, as he suddenly appeared as an advertisement in front of the latest Kara&Nate Vlog. His style of presentation has definitely caught my attention. And also thanks to him I have definitely burned off a few calories laughing. A few more videos with personal laughing exercise and my beach body for 2021 will be easily achieved! Six-pack by watching YouTube, 2021 is wild! If you are curious about his videos, go check out his YouTube channel HERE, as well as his Insta handle HERE, and if you are already at it his company  HERE.

What are your favourite travel YouTube channels? Which one should I highlight next? Let me know via Twitter @joydellavita 😃

Disclaimer: Both Images are Screenshots from one of his YouTube Videos

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