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Neapolitan Pizza Margherita at Eataly Milan Smeraldo

Neapolitan Pizza Margherita can be enjoyed at EATALY Milano Smeraldo in the heart of Milan. EATALY stands for everything Italy has to offer, culinary wise. Buy the best hand selected packed ingredients at any EATALY Supermarket, or dine at their Resturants enclosed by the supermarket. Wherever I am, if there is an EATALY I already know for sure I will receive top-notch food. Their milanese branch at Piazza XXV Aprile is no exception to my own little rule manifested out of multiple excellent experiences.

If the multi-storey supermarket EATALY Milano Smeraldo is not already impressive enough, the building also houses multiple restaurants. You can also join cooking courses at this EATALY Shop, click here for more info regarding course topics and prices. You can choose out of six different restaurants, each with a different focus. When in Italy, you definitely have to enjoy at least one stellar Pizza. So, I naturally went to their Pizza Restaurant. And for sure I got the most iconic Pizza on their menu, La Margherita Originale. Just fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and olive oil. On a pizza base with airy edges, heavinly. The menu description reads like this : “EATALY ORIGINAL MARGHERITA | 6,5 | 100% Italian Antonella tomato, mozzarella fior di latte mozzarella and Roi extra virgin olive oil.” Other classic dishes on their menu include Suppli, Pizza Fritta, Pasta Amatriciana, Risotto allo Zafferano con Ragu di Ossobuco, Grana Cotoletta, Crudo e Mozzarella, Pizza Grani Antichi con tre Radicci e Gorgonzola, or Tiramisu, Crostata della Nonna or Bugie ripiene alla crema – have a look at their full menu here.
My Neapolitan Pizza Margherita at Eataly Milan Smeraldo has been divine! The price of 6,50 Euro per Pizza is definitely on the lower to regular level of prices for Pizza in Restaurants in Milan, and you can be sure all Restaurants at EATALY only use the best ingredients, so the price is more than justified. In comparision to the more well-known Pizza with a more firm and often more crispy base, the neapolitan style pizza dough base is rather soft and floppy. But no less delicious! I can definitely recommend the restaurants at EATALY Milano Smeraldo and will be back soon – to discover new brands for Pasta, Pesto, sweet treats such as soft hand-made Cantuccini with big chocolate chunks at the market and finish my visit off with a nice meal, espresso and tiramisu. That’s also called self-care, enjoy! 😉

Address: Piazza XXV Aprile 10, 20121 Milano, Italy
Opening hours of the supermarket: daily 8:30 am – 11 pm (for Restaurant opening hours, check out the following link)
Website with an overview of all Restaurants at/inside the Store:

La Margherita Originale EATALY Milano Smeraldo Blog JoyDellaVita
La Margherita Originale EATALY Milano
inside EATALY Milano Smeraldo JoyDellaVita
inside EATALY Milano Smeraldo
EATALY Milano Smeraldo Blog JoyDellaVita
EATALY Milano Smeraldo

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