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the best Penne alla Arrabiata in Milan

by european travelblogger Lisa


Enjoy the best spicy Penne alla Arrabiata in Milan at Ristorante Sabatini! Eating authentic Italian Food in Milan, that’s not a hard task. However, due to all the influences of modern cuisine, the real authentic dining experience in Milan is kinda lacking a bit. What a nice treat to have had a truly authentic Italian restaurant right across the small street of my Hotel, Ristorante Sabatini in Milan. Only open in the evening I was craving something hot and comforting after a full day trip of exploring Venice in the cold month February. There are modern Italian restaurants, and there are the true authentic ones, down to earth with friendly service. Ristorante Sabatini definitely belongs to the latter ones. The interior is almost vintage, as some would say, with a cash counter right at the front. Upon entering the Restaurant I was immediately greeted and escorted to a table, just seconds later I was handed the menu. The tables are covered with a thick white tablecloth and the typical breadbasket was ready to be dived in and snacked on. Also check out my other recommendations for Restaurants in Milan.

As I somehow didn’t want a Pizza, I usually always want Pizza, I went for their only vegetarian Pasta on their menu, Penne alla Arrabiata. Alla Arrabiata is the spicier version of Napoli or Pomodoro, tomato sauce with chilli. Directly translated Arrabiata means angry, or mad. This 10 Euro Pasta dish definitely satisfied. A large plate of al dente Pasta tossed in a rich red tomato sauce with many visible chilli flakes. It was definitely spicy, at points even a bit too spicy, but luckily I got some parmesan cheese to mild the flavour of this authentic angry pasta dish.
Watching all the local Italians enjoying their weeknight evening with a nice dinner accompanied with a bottle of wine, in this truly authentic environment almost felt like I was sitting in a cheesy Italian movie scene, in a positive way. I truly enjoyed my evening and can absolutely recommend Ristorante Sabatini in Milano! And I’m definitely coming back, once I have time to return to Milan, as I rarely had such a good tasting portion of Penne alla Arrabiata!

Address Ristorante Sabatini: Via Ruggero Boscovich, 54, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Opening hours: daily from 12/noon till 11 pm with Lunch daily from 12 to 3:30 pm and Dinner daily from 7 to 10 pm
Table reservation via thefork.it

Penne alla Arrabiata Milan Restaurant Blog JoyDellaVita

Penne alla Arrabiata in Milan

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