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Check out this chill summer vibes online radio station

All you need to make this summer perfect? Exactly this chill summer vibes online radio station! Playlists with pumping beats are perfect if you need to be energized. For workouts, to get going in the morning, or for day-to-night parties. Those summer days, everyone knows them, when the sun just bakes and it feels like nothing else happens, then you want a chilled music playlist. Just let the summer be summer, enjoy the time and gradually sweat in the constant heat. Maybe have the legs in a cooling water puddle or pool, a refreshing drink in an arm’s reach, and melons as a snack. Could a relaxing summer day be better? Absolutely, with the right musical accompaniment. This website for chill summer vibes online radio will come definitely in handy for you…

Poolsuite – chill summer vibes online radio

Recently I discovered „leisure enhancer“ Poolsuite, formerly known as Poolside FM, and it seems like I was one of the latter ones. More than 101.000 people already follow the vibey Instagram account with vintage-inspired pictures, always in a cool summer mood. Their website looks super nostalgic, or how most websites looked back before even Win98 or even XP was a thing.
But, the music is amazing. You instantly start to groove and dance with their fine selection of chill summer vibe songs. Even sitting in an office, with Poolsuite you will feel like you’re laying at a beach in Miami, with palm trees offering sought-afte shade.

Some of the songs I discovered, and liked so far, are Elado – Blame, Saucy Lady – Passport to my Love or Sticks & Stonez & Liv East – You‘re my, Hunter – come back to me, Sweeps – what I’m giving you or Moods – how I feel (feat. Sam Wills). To save certain songs as favourites on Poolsuite, you have to create an account with their website. Otherwise, just tap/click on the title of a song and it redirects you to the song on SoundCloud. I can highly recommend this chill summer vibes online radio station! The best, if you open the website on a smartphone, you can also do other things in other apps or just leave the phone locked and unattended, the music will keep playing in the background. Fantastic. In recent years I published summer roadtrip playlists or summer song playlists, but no need to do it ever again with this online radio station.

You can enter the Poolsuite mini-vacation universe here:, check out their Insta at: @poolsuite

What’s your favourite summertime radio or summer vibes playlist? Comment below!

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