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Review: Quinoa Curry, the new vegetarian McDonald’s Switzerland Burger

Advertisement The Quinoa Curry Burger is the only vegetarian burger currently offered by McDonald’s Switzerland. Unfortunately, the replacement burger, after the delicious Vegi Mac was discontinued, is absolutely not comparable. While the “original veggie burger”, the McVeggie, had an actual patty in great thickness, the new Quinoa Curry burger only features a thin patty made […]

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Current Vegetarian Food Options at McDonalds Italy

Advertisement In the past, McDonald’s Italy used to have a vegetarian burger on their menu. Actually, their original McVeggie was my absolute favourite McDonald’s Burger worldwide. But as it was only a temporary offer to celebrate EXPO 2015 in Milan, they discontinued it at some point but had another meat-free option available. The “new” McVeggie […]

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Vegetarian McWrap with Valess Schnitzel by McDonald’s Austria

Advertisement Healthy and vegetarian dishes, at McDonald’s? Often this is just a dream, however, in Austria, you will get lucky. The Vegetarian McWrap with Valess Schnitzel by McDonald’s Austria is ‘kinda healthy’, 100% vegetarian and also very delicious. During a recent discount period, I ordered a McWrap including a 0,5l Softdrink for just 4,00€. Compared […]