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New McVeggie Burger by McDonalds Italy (2017)

Back in 2015, I fell in love with the McVeggie Burger by McDonald’s Italia. It was literally the best Burger I have ever had at a Fast Food Chain. I ate it twice in 3 days, considering that I usually eat at McDonald’s once every three months, this was a lot. For sure I could not wait to eat another McVeggie by McDonalds during my recent Trip to Rome and Naples in February 2017. What a disappointment to find out they changed the burger, but kept the name! So there is now a new McVeggie available at McDonald Italia, but it has nothing to do with the delicious Burger with smoked scamorza cheese and pesto sauce I once knew.

The McVeggie® is the only vegetarian burger by McDonald’s in Italy. Other Panini, as they are called there, that you don’t get anywhere else, are Grand Crispy McBacon, Chicken Country or even a gluten-free Cheeseburger. And then there is the meat-free McVeggie Burger. I ordered one at the McD near the Port of Naples, not a too big Restaurant and also not very busy in the early evenings. They prepared it especially for me on request, which was nice. The vegetarian burger patty is made with zucchini, eggplant and grilled peppers, and is topped with mayonnaise, fresh tomato and lettuce. A lot of similarities to the Vegi Mac that was offered by McDonald’s in Switzerland, but not quite equal. The Burger Bun I received with my McVeggie was not the same as advertised on their website, but a sesame bun is always an option. All over, the new McVeggie Burger was okay. As they didn’t have the salad I wanted I opted for the Burger, therefore it was better than nothing or Fries only. The Vegetable Patty was crispy and quite delicious, but what made the burger all over tasteless was the lack of sauce. It had only some mayonnaise on top, and lettuce and a tomato slice. Luckily I ordered some mayonnaise for my fries, to eat most of it in the burger. Usually, I’d recommend any Pizza over the new McVeggie, if you really crave it, eat it!
If you can you should try the vegetarian burger as part of my Burger at McDonald’s Austria, there is even a low-carb Burger Version available!

New McVeggie Burger by McDonald’s Italy (as of 2017)

McVeggie Burger McDonalds Italy JoyDellaVita
McVeggie Burger McDonalds Italy JoyDellaVita
McVeggie Burger McDonald’s Italy
McVeggie Burger McDonalds Italy JoyDellaVita
McDonalds mayonnaise packaging in Italy
McDonald’s mayonnaise packaging in Italy
McVeggie Burger McDonalds Italy JoyDellaVita

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