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Starting with AG1 by Athletic Greens to improve health? is it worth it? – Review Preview

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Is it true what the advertisements promise about AG1 and Athletic Greens? Due to the past fasting season, I wanted to try something new and offer my body a kind of reset. Doing life with less and still nourishing the body optimally. Will this work in combination with AG’s green powder and the additional renunciation of “sweets” and industrial sugar as much as possible? This will become hopefully more clear in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you might also be interested in my other Articles regarding health and fitness topics. In a few weeks I will write more about my first-impression by using this greens powder, stay tuned!

Why I chose AG1 from Athletic Greens

In various podcasts I have heard over and over again about AG1 and Athletic Greens. It really does sound very good. That many ingredients, no weird or bitter taste. The healthy ageing, the support of the immune system and the intestines, and thus the general health. At some point I became intrigued.
You just have to try Athletic Greens, I thought, if you can afford it. Monthly subscription costs of 87 euros are not pennies, but health should be a main priority. My health seems to be on a bit of a bumpy road at the moment, so I’m hoping for a bit more balance in the positive direction than my hopeful experience report from AG1 of Athletic Greens. Of course, nothing changes instantly overnight, so it’s also great that although you have to pay for AG1 upfront, you have a 60-day money back guarantee and can get a refund if you don’t like the product.

Is AG1 suitable for non-athletes?

Do I have to be an athlete to consume AG1 green powder? Do you have to have an increased power metabolism, burn extra calories on a regular basis to consume the most success. No, definitely not. The mix of ingredients is suitable for everyone, may you walk less than 500 meters a day working in home office only, or may you be a fitness freak training for a marathon and having a stressful life with kids and family.

My new morning routine with Athletic Greens

Since it’s best to drink the AG1 drink on an empty stomach, I’ve adjusted my morning routine a bit. At home I prepare my breakfast and pack it for work. Just before I leave the house, I pour 250 ml of chilled water into the shaker, add a spoonful of the green powder, shake well and leave the house. On the way to work, the green-waters serves as a kind of first breakfast. During Lent, I have also started to consume only one coffee a day, instead of the usual three or four… I only drink one in the afternoon now. Here, the AG1 drink in the morning is just right to balance this out a bit.

Your experiences with Athletic Greens

Do you already know AG and have you tried it or do you continue to use it? I look forward to hearing your opinions and experiences below in the comments!

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