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Hiking Routes around Oberstaufen in the bavarian Allgäu

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature in combination with physical activity. In a health-oriented town like Oberstaufen in the Bavarian Allgäu, it’s even mandatory to keep yourself moving, when following the rules of the famous Schroth cure. In between many hills and with a view of the 1834 meter high Hochgrat, you have the best hiking routes and walking trails right in front your doorstep. Personally, I did a guided Herbal Trail Tour organised by my Hotel, which I can highly recommend, but below now some more Hiking Routes around Oberstaufen in the Bavarian Allgäu.
For each Route, I’ve added a Google Maps Route, for you to open it on your own device.

Hiking Route: Around the Staufen – 4,5 km

This Route for an easy hike and walk around the mountain Staufen starts at the Train Station in Oberstaufen. From there you cross the railway, near the local history museum, follow the Immenstädter Straße, and then the footpath once around it. After about 1,5 hours you should arrive back at the Train Station, in the city centre of Oberstaufen. At about half the journey there will be two Restaurants, Hubertusstube and Hündle Stuben.



Hiking Route: Oberstaufen – Paradies – Kapf – 7 km

This Route is a bit more advanced than the Route above. You start at the Train Station in Oberstaufen and exit the city by passing the Schlossbergklinik and after about 2 km you arrive at Cafe Paradies from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Later, a hike will lead you up the 998 metre high mountain ‘Kapf’, again you can enjoy nice views. The Route now takes you back to the centre of Oberstaufen, by passing the Kurgarten garden next to the Lindner Hotel.



For more hiking Routes around Oberstaufen, visit the website There are also 3 Premium Tour Routes available, but neither of them start in the centre of Oberstaufen.

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