Nutella Crepe in Riccione at Viale Dante

by Lisa
Nutella Crepe Riccione Da Emy Viale Dante JoyDellaVita

My Nutella Crepe in Riccione at Da Emy at Viale Dante has been, again, a true life saviour. In the late afternoon, when all the Restaurants are shut down, and there is nothing else to eat available than gelato, Da Emy with its Crepes has been what I’ve been looking for. Coming right back from hiking Gabicce Monte in Gabicce Mare (more about it here soon!), I was craving something.. and what else to eat than the Italian nut-chocolate spread nutella. Nutella is like a national dish, similar to Pizza or Spaghetti, you can get it everywhere in Italy! Unfortunately, I can’t remember what I’ve paid for this crepe, but it was definitely worth every cent I’ve paid. Da Emy, Pizzeria Emy 2, or just Emy, I’ve found different names online, is not only offering amazingly thin Crepes with various fillings and spreads, they are also a famous place for Piadina. Thin Wrap-like bread traditionally filled with Prosciutto or many other delicious things.
I absolutely enjoyed my Nutella Crepe in Riccione and can recommend it to anyone!

Address Da Emy Restaurant Riccione

Viale Dante, 182
47838 Riccione RN

Pictures: Nutella Crepe in Riccione at Viale Dante

Nutella Crepe Riccione Da Emy Viale Dante JoyDellaVita
nutella crepe in riccione with lots of nutella
Nutella Crepe Riccione Da Emy Viale Dante JoyDellaVita
nutella crepe

What’s your favourite Crepe-filling?


Hi, I'm Lisa and welcome to my Joy Della Vita Travelblog. Joy della Vita, inspired by the Italian language, means "Joy of Life". And this is what can be found here. Travel, Food, Mobility & (Travel-)Lifestyle. I enjoy to travel on a low budget, but some luxury has never hurt anyone.


  • Diana Free
    9 - August - 2017 at 1:38 AM

    Wow, I had no idea that nutella was so big in Italy.

  • 9 - August - 2017 at 12:56 AM

    There is nothing better than Nutella crepes ūüėÄ
    This Looks so tasty,
    thank you for sharing.

    schau gerne auf meinem Blog vorbei und auf INSTAGRAM

  • 8 - August - 2017 at 8:29 PM

    I love your blog! x
    Great work.

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