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Products for Summer 2017 by Rituals – Ritual of Karma | Ad

With the warmer spring months finally swinging in in central Europe it’s time again to think about summer skin care. Skin Care in Summer is way more than just applying sunscreen once a day if you want to spend hours tanning in the sun. Considering the skin is a humans biggest organ, we should definitely care for it the most! As I experience it myself, my skin changes in the months from April to June, from winter skin to summer skin. And especially right now, with the first strong rays of sun, it’s the time we get sunburnt. Our skin is not yet used to any sun at all, and is therefore getting red even quicker. For a perfect start into the summery and sunny season 2017 there are new products for Summer 2017 by Rituals – The Ritual of Karma.

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Rituals The Ritual of Karma Products 2017 JoyDellaVita
Rituals The Ritual of Karma Products 2017

I received these Products during the Land Rover Experience Greece, as Rituals is a partner/sponsor of this Tour

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