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Packing Cubes by amazon basics

Travel Tip: Packing Cubes to organize your packing (for a backpack or suitcase)

by european travelblogger Lisa


Have you ever wondered how the backpackers actually do pack? Pack that their clothes stay wrinkle-free and how they fit everything in a backpack without a huge mess inside? There is a simple solution and it is just so good: Packing Cubes and Packing Bags.

Until now I always packed like this, and this is probably about what you do, too: open a suitcase, stack the clothes inside, fill the holes with socks and smaller things, place the heavy things in the bottom, and close the suitcase again. But, not that this is totally wrong, but you can easily improve your packing by using packing cubes.

When I recently travelled to Immenstadt im Allgäu I had the plan to arrive at the train station, walk and hike, and then go to the Hotel in the evening. And walking back to the Train Station the other day. Lots of walking, lots of uneven paths and no time to store my luggage in a nifty locker at the station. So, I had to have my luggage with me, all the time. So it needed to be handy and I’ve chosen to travel with a backpack only – my first backpacking adventure, yay! But as I wanted my blouses to stay wrinkle free I had to have another system than just stacking everything in the bottom of my backpack. And here they come, the packing cubes by Amazon basics.

On Amazon, I’ve compared several suppliers and after comparing them in detail by prices and the value for money I’ve decided for the ones by “Amazon Basics”. My mixed package consists out of 4 bags in different sizes, and thanks to overnight shipping they arrived on time the other day. The material and the zippers made a great first impression and due to my needs, I’ve chosen the second-largest and the smallest packing cube for my one-night stay. In the bigger one, I’ve fitted one Jeans, two blouses, a Top, a T-Shirt, Socks, a handbag and a pair of ballerina shoes. All the other smaller things and my several chargers found a place in the smaller one. In my backpack, I’ve placed the big one in the bag, close to my back, the smaller one on the front and each one half litre bottle of water on the sides.
During my Trip, I walked and moved a lot and I was quite surprised that it actually worked out, when I arrived at my Hotel in the evening, that my clothes stayed organised and wrinkle-free. I’ll definitely use these AmazonBasics Packing Cubes when I travel with a backpack only the next time, and also when I travel with a suitcase to organise my stuff better.

Have you already heard about Packing Cubes / Packing Bags and have you used them before? Or do you know any even better Tip for Backpacking? I’m thrilled to hear your experiences! 🙂

Buy your Packing Cubes / Packing Bags online

My packing Cubes are part of the “Amazon basics” product line and you get them in a Set with 4 mixed sizes, like mine, or with each multiple ones of one size. Just check it out straight on Amazon, also for the exact sizes and current prizes. (For my mixed set of 4 I paid 17 euros in October 2015.)

Both my Packing Cubes / Packing Bags

Both my Packing Cubes / Packing Bags

Details of the AmazonBasics Packing Cubes

Details of the AmazonBasics Packing Cubes

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