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Taking the Funicolare di Verona up to Castel San Pietro

Advertisement Reopened in June 2017, Funicolare di Verona is a now mandatory form of transportation for tourists in Verona. Originally opened in 1941, the funicolare di Verona was closed just three short years later. However the demand for an easy transportation up to Castel San Pietro was steady, and so just last year the Funicolare […]

Casa di Romeo Verona

Where to find Casa di Romeo in Verona, the House of Romeo of Romeo & Juliet

Advertisement Located in a narrow street just nearby the Arche Scaligere (Scaliger Tombs), not too far Casa di Giulietta you will find Casa di Romeo or Romeo’s House. Unlike Juliet’s House, Casa di Romeo is no huge tourist attraction. Granted, it seemed like there were three other tourists when I visited “his family’s home”, but […]

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Mobility Verona

Where to park your car in Verona City Centre (near Arena di Verona)

Advertisement Parking a car in busy city centres can be quite a challenge. Especially in a lively and popular city such as Verona. As I was preferring a close location for parking in Verona City Centre, over having a free place to park my car, I chose Parcheggio Multipiano Cittadella Verona, an absolutely prime location […]