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Welcome to Rome, the capital City of Italy! In this Category Overview you will read more about Activities in Rome / Roma, where to eat (Restaurants for local cuisine), how to get around and more.

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Colosseum Rome Winter Season JoyDellaVita
Rome | Roma

Visiting Colosseum in Rome in Winter Season

It’s a must when visiting Rome for more than 24 hours, seeing the famous Colosseum in Rome. Built almost 2000 Years ago the Colosseum in Rome is still the largest amphitheatre ever built. Or what’s […]

Vespa small Cars Rome joyDellaVita
Mobility, Rome | Roma

Vespa and small Cars of Rome

In a City as busy as Rome you have to have a small vehicle to get around. Vespa Scooters are perfect if you are alone and have not too much to carry around, but when […]

Roman Forum Rome Winter JoyDellaVita
Rome | Roma

Roman Forum in Rome in the Winter Season

Bad weather might eventually turn some cities into ugly creatures, but not Rome. Rome is always nice. May the sun shine like crazy or let it rain, hail or even snow. Cloudy sky, raindrops now […]

Rome Italy Travel Diary JoyDellaVita Travelblog
Rome | Roma

Travel Diary: 24h in Rome in May

Having just 24h in Rome is way too short! Even though a stay in Rome should be as long as ever possible I tried to do my best and explore as much as possible. Due […]

Villa Borghese Rome Garden
Rome | Roma

Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome

If you ever need some break of the hectic live, just visit the Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome and you will feel an immediate relief. With those sky-high pine trees, sculptures and […]