So far, I traveled to South Australia and visited the cities Adelaide & Glenelg as well as to Canberra, the Capital of Australia. Both times I took the inagural flights from Europe via Doha, Qatar, with Qatar Airways.

Lunch Pialligo Estate Canberra
Canberra, Food

Lunch at Pialligo Estate Canberra

Shared Food is the best Food. If you’re in a Group, just order a variety of different dishes and tastes for the Table and indulge in a bit of everything. My Lunch at Pialligo Estate […]

Public Transport Canberra Bus
Canberra, Mobility

Public Transport in Canberra, Australia

Everything takes only 10 minutes in Canberra. Just getting from A to B, or crossing the City once, the car ride literally takes just 10 minutes. That’s definitely the advantage of a rather small city […]

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita
Food, Oceania, South Australia

Tasting Australia in Adelaide

Tasting Australia is a Food Festival held in Adelaide, South Australia. What are the signature dishes of Australia – Kangaroo, or fish & chips like England too? As I experienced during my short but intense […]

BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita
Food, South Australia

Veggie Burger @ BurgA’nomix Glenelg Beach

BurgA’nomix in Glenelg Beach, Australia, are doing everything right with their Burgers. Tasty Burger, delicious sauces and a toasted bun, in addition to the very best potatoes. Don’t get a wrong impression, I’m talking about […]